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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Abortion hand hold

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NeedMyHandHolding · 27/11/2023 20:44

I have made the decision to have a termination and absolutely gutted that it may be several weeks (according to my go) to get sorted 🥺 Feeling so exhausted and unwell already not to mention all the emotions, and just so sad that the run up to Christmas with my dd’s and Dh has this shadow over it for me. Just after a little bit of support and a hug I think.

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Mommy9008 · 28/11/2023 04:08

I haven’t got any advice just I am goin threw the Same I have 2 teenage boys and a have been a single mom for many years i recently started seeing someone and have fell pregnant he doesn’t want to be there and I have no other choice to go ahead like you I am up all hours so upset I though I would be able to get in this week but nothing till end of next week I feel the same so close to Christmas, how far are you ? Have u contacted anybody, happy to message and support each other

NeedMyHandHolding · 28/11/2023 07:00

Hey, think we are both feeling very similar! I’ll pm x

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Bart84 · 28/11/2023 18:31

Hello I’ve got my app in for next week & it’s awful.

dealing with all the symptoms, knowing what next week holds.

the waiting is driving me crazy & making me go over & over it in my mind.

husband & I both agree it’s the right thing to do but we are just so gutted & wish circumstances were different.

NeedMyHandHolding · 28/11/2023 19:10

I mirror everything you have said! We are done children wise, we have happy and healthy children (waiting for my husbands vasectomy!) just gutted we have got this to go through. My scan is booked for Thursday so hoping it will be a quick process after that x

OP posts:
SnowySpa · 04/12/2023 13:16

Thinking about all of you today, it must be so hard since Christmastime should be so happy, and you are all dealing with circumstances you never imagined you'd be facing. I hope you are all okay. And if you get the pills/appointment, and suddenly have the thought that abortion isn't what you truly want, it's okay to listen to that voice as well. Sometimes we don't know the true desire of our heart until it's the moment of truth. I only say this because there are so many mums who have posted on this site who immediately regret taking the abortion pills and are trying to reverse. I truly wish you all the best, whatever path you take.

Bart84 · 04/12/2023 13:41

Thank you snowy spa im sitting outside the clinic now.

I rang my husband on the way here to have a little cry. We wish our circumstances were different but we have to be realistic & put our earthly children first. I’m so sad.

But having 2 disabled children already, me being under mental health teams & my husband providing the one household income our gut instincts & our heads say this is the best route to take. I’m so worried about taking the pills, complications etc.

Bart84 · 04/12/2023 15:57

Had to have a scan at the clinic. I asked to see it so reluctantly they showed me.
I took the tablet to start the process.

Im still sad & teary but I felt calmness on the way home. I’m dreading what the next couple of days. But I know it was the right for us. I so wish things were different but I need to live in reality.

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