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Pregnancy choices

Is SMP worth claiming in my circumstance

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Nicoleandrea · 14/09/2023 09:39

Hi there I’m a young mother who is due to give birth in 3 months. My circumstances are slightly different as I’m currently been placed in temporary homeless accommodation as I was kicked out my home when announcing my pregnancy, due to the fact I work I’ve had to pay 80% of my salary on rent and have not been entitled to any help as I have a income (for now). I want to know is claiming SMP is worth is or is it counted as a income by universal credits or housing benefit. What is the best way to deal with a situation if all the money I’ve been earning during my pregnancy has gone towards expensive rent I can no longer afford or save for the baby which is due soon.
is it worth me leaving work and not requiring SMP or maternity allowance so I can get help from the council and housing benefit to pay my full rent? Please if anyone has any advice on how to go around this so it benefits me and my child rather than it going all towards expensive rent in temp accommodation that is not suitable to have my child in either. Please let me know

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Saskia2023 · 14/09/2023 09:50

I dont know where you are based but it sounds like getting proper input with this would be useful- in many places there is a citzens advice beuareux that can provide you with expect advice and help you navigate the complex benefits system. If its easier message me with where you are and I can find the local support. just big hand hold too sounds like a horrendous situation to be in and hope life gets easier soon. so many benefits/smp etc add as gateways to other things that as you say if you can get on the right systems this will help.

Nicoleandrea · 14/09/2023 12:53

Hi, I’m based in London and under Westminster housing duty. Not sure if that helps but if you have any advise it’ll be much appreciated

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mjmo5 · 14/10/2023 20:05

hi, go to turnto us com and do a benefit calculation based on whatever circumstances you are facing, whether employed , smp or unemployed.

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