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Help not bleeding post medical termination

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creatxo · 17/08/2023 14:37

Hey all. Would love some advice - I have had a medical abortion. I have a disabled son (6 months old) and my contraception failed so I found myself pregnant. I was very early on and was sure in my decision so BPAS and MSI couldn’t give me an appointment for two weeks so I went private for the medical pills.

I would have been around 4.5 weeks pregnant. I had an internal ultrasound scan which nothing was visable on but the doctor confirmed my pregnancy via another pregnancy test there.

I took the second set of pills yesterday (4 at first starting at 10am, then the following 2 three hours later). Since then I have experienced on and off cramping, yesterday slightly more intense but have had no bleeding at all. I have had brown discharge (which streaks of blood) and since then just lots of brown mucas (sorry TMI). I have called the provider and they’ve said to call them in a week if nothing happens?! Now I’m so worried this hasn’t worked. Has anyone experienced this? So worried.

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kittykat261514 · 01/10/2023 10:09

I would love to no how u got on? I’m 24 hours after taking the 4 vagi ally and have had bleeding but only slight now like you it is brown. Also panicking it has no worked and I’m due to go on holiday in 5 days 🙄

creatxo · 01/10/2023 14:17

All was successful. I believe it took me 3-4 days to start bleeding which then lasted a couple of weeks. Apparently it’s common if you’re very early on x

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