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Pregnancy choices

Medical abortion 8 weeks

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TiredMum97 · 13/08/2023 07:31

Morning everyone

Just needing some reassuring advice as I'm worried this isn't working properly!

I took my first tablet mifepristone on Friday at about 530pm, nothing happened whatsoever after that. I just felt normal!

I took my first 4 tablets vaginally exactly 24 hrs later, again nothing with that.

I then took my extra 2 vaginal tablets 3 hours after. With this I did get some mild period like pains about 2 hours afterwards but nothing intense like I expected and I just slept the night. This morning I've had a little bit of bleeding but nothing intense, more like the back end of a period. I'm just wondering if the worst is yet to come or do I need to worry that this isn't working? Any advice would be great! I just really want this over. It's awful enough having to go through this 😞

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TiredMum97 · 13/08/2023 07:44

I have just been to the loo and starting losing more. So I think it is working now

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