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Pregnancy choices

Pregnancy Test after Termination

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Yanayana · 22/04/2023 17:07

okay, so I’m either a complete and utter moron…or…a low-key genius

hear me out: so after a medical abortion they tell you to test after 3 weeks only using the 1 special low sensitivity test they have sent you, because the store bought ones a very sensitive and can show “pregnant” for weeks later, right?

But what if you use the one that says how many weeks pregnant? Surely that value should start to go down (or at least not go up) after the medical abortion, right?
I’m very type A personality, need things done yesterday, zero patience, hate waiting around doing nothing and so the thought of waiting 3 weeks to find out if things have worked is literally torture for me. So when I thought of this I was like Eureka! This will put my mind at ease, if it’s not completely idiotic, that is.

thoughts anyone? 👀🙈

OP posts:
Jsh125 · 23/04/2023 19:15

I see your logic & totally get that any way to get some reassurance it's working/ worked puts your mind at ease. Instead of spending a fortune on clear blue could you get some really cheapie tests & line should get lighter every couple of days?

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