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Pregnancy choices

Medical abortion ongoing - 6 weeks

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LLHachi · 16/03/2023 12:22

Hi there you all, I guess I am writing partly because before starting the process I would calm my mind down just by reading other people's post and partly because I still would like to see who had/is having a similar experience.
So, I have no doubt whatsoever that abortion is the right choice for me right now, I have a very complicated life and I would not be able to give the love and attention that a baby deserves.
I had a scan on Tuesday, assessing that I was 6 weeks if not less (the nurse said the sac was very very small) and took first pill that evening: no effect whatsoever.. slept through the night and got up the day after. Inserted the 4 pills vaginally yesterday eve and in 30 mins cramping was starting. It was completely fine for a couple of hours and I started bleeding a bit.. some clots but nothing more than my usual period (I have heavy periods). I was terrified the bleeding was going to be horrible but it has not been at all. Pain though got stronger and stronger and, even if I did take the codein, at 1 AM I could barely breathe and almost puked. The strongest pain lasted 1 h and as it subsided I fell asleep. Just before then a bigger strongly clot with grey gunk inside came out. I guess/hope that was the pregnancy. Since then bleeding is very light (for my standards) and pain comes and go but nothing more than simple period pain.

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