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TOP at 4 weeks, extremely light bleeding. Worried

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daffodi · 28/02/2023 22:22


Took mifepristone on Sunday morning and misoprostol orally yesterday, Monday afternoon 3pm. Was 4+2 yesterday, only a day after my expected period would’ve been so extremely early.

I was expecting a heavy bleed skin to a bad period on the balance of things. Cramps began an hour later at 4pm and went to the toilet to have literally only four drops of bright red bleeding, accompanied by two tiny ‘clots’ the size of grains of rice. Since then it’s just been pink-brown cervical mucus when wiping. I’ve had to bin sanitary towels that are almost clean each time.

Had upset tummy as a side effect of the misoprostol but no other symptoms. No continued cramping, no bleeding overnight (at all). This hasn’t even been my normal menstrual bleeding. Currently about 28 hours on from last set of tablets.

Does it sound like it has worked or not? Anyone had this experience?

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Centipede50 · 23/03/2023 11:27

How did you get on? X

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