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Planned C-section after traumatic birthing experience/ toddler & newborn

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Charmuzza · 06/02/2023 14:49

Hi everyone,
looking for some advice, I am considering a c-section after a long traumatic birthing experience with serve preeclampsia, I also had my placenta removed so I was away from my baby for a while, she also didn't breathe when she came out from the stress of the birth. It wasnt a great experience and i was in hospital for 6 days straight during lockdown & being a first time mom with all my support gone! But anyways i had an awful time and my partner thinks a c-section will be better for us mentally and the baby's health.

I am taking my aspirin to prevent preeclampsia later on and will be having regular checks more than usual. I am currently 18 weeks and my firstborn will be 2 and a half when the baby arrives.

How was everyone’s recovery? What is it like with a toddler/newborn will it be better going natural so I can get up and more about etc?

I have a lot of support so I won't be alone when the baby is born, sorry for the long message but just want to hear other people’s experiences with a planned c-section and other children to care for.

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Higgeldypiggeldy35 · 06/02/2023 14:53

I had a traumatic first birth amd a stressful pregnancy and i opted for an elective c section second time round. It was a much better experience, very calm and organised. It was lockdown so couldn't have help in the hospital which was tricky but you wouldn't have that issue. Keep on top of pain killers and dont try amd do too much.

gwenneh · 06/02/2023 14:57

I had quite a traumatic birth experience with my second DS - rushed into theatre, put under GA, I went home without the baby as he had to stay in hospital for another week. When planning for delivery with DD afterward, I was strongly urged to have the c-section, and did.

Because it had been planned, the entire pregnancy well-monitored to avoid previous issues, and I had more input in the process it was a much more relaxed experience. It was right before lockdown so we wound up locked down with a newborn and our two older DC; it couldn't have been timed better as DH was there to help full time.

Recovery was easy & straightforward, and I think the elective was better for me mentally. I suffered terribly with PND after the traumatic birth experience but there was none of that with DD. If you have help, then I wouldn't hesitate to discuss the elective c-section as an option.

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