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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Should I get an abortion

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Chrtmae · 02/02/2023 02:37

Please I just need to hear from other people and their opinions on what I should do.
so I (26f) have one child already he is 3. I have never wanted children and honestly I only have a son because his father didn’t want me to get an abortion. At the time I loved his father dearly but over the years he has shown me such an ugly side to him. I don’t regret my son. He is such a beautiful blessing. But the relationship with his dad has been quite the disappointment. When I was 8 month pregnant my boyfriend suddenly decided he didn’t want to be with me anymore. He literally kicked me out of his apartment but I fought and refused to leave. Over the course of the years. We have had multiple nasty fight. We have put hands on each other. And have disrespected each other so much. I didn’t want my son to be growing around this environment so I was planning to leave my boyfriend and live on my own with my son. But I just found out that I’m 18 weeks pregnant. I found a place to do an abortion because i genuinely don’t want another kid. But my heart is so unsure on what to do. Part of me wants to keep it and the other part wants an abortion. Now. My boyfriend is a wonderful dad and he’s an ok partner. We only have serious fight when he gets super drunk. He has major alcohol issues but he’s calmed down through the years. But I still walk on eggshells when I know he is super drunk. He makes me feel so unsafe when he’s drunk. I have no idea what to do. Part of me wants to leave him anyway and just coparent

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RecycledKettle · 02/02/2023 04:27

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