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Pregnancy choices

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mumof2bubba · 27/01/2023 07:39

Hey All,

Just have taken the first tablet today and now waiting to do the rest. Feeling weird that this is happening but okay so far. Wondering if anyone else is going through this at this time and want to help each other through!!!

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Hope9 · 27/01/2023 09:30

Morning @mumof2bubba,

Glad to hear you're doing okay so far. I went through my second lot of pills yesterday morning and my experience was not half as bad as some of the stories you see online.

I took the first 4 vaginally at 9.20 along with 2 paracetamol. In hindsight, I wish I took 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen. I then lay down for an hour to let them dissolve and by 10.20 I basically had to run to the toilet as I had an intense feeling in my stomach and I knew that I was going to have diarrhoea. (sorry if thats TMI but just trying to be as honest as possible). I was told this is a totally normal side effect as everything in that area is all linked.

By 11am I had severe cramping, and the only place I felt comfortable was on the toilet. I began passing blood and vomiting, so probably best to have a sick bowl nearby. However as I was being sick it relieved the pain a bit. This continued in waves for about an hour and a half where I felt I couldn't leave the toilet. If I lay down this worsened the feeling.

By the time I was due to take the remaining two and my next lot of paracetamol, the pain had subsided massively. I could lie in bed comfortably and had nothing more than period pains. The bleeding afterwards is quite heavy but just ever so slightly more than a period. I was able to walk about and tidy up after the pain was at a normal level. I believe I have passed the pregnancy as it was almost a relief when the pain returned to a manageable level. I didn't see anything as the toilet was mostly filled with blood but felt something more than a regular clot come out.

I'm sorry for the TMI but wanted to be as honest with you as possible and hopefully put your mind at ease. I understand everyone's experience is different. However all i kept telling myself was 'it'll be over soon'. You will be able to do this. If you need someone to talk to you can send a PM too.

I hope everything goes well, you are stronger than you believe xxx

mumof2bubba · 28/01/2023 05:36

Thank you so much for your response :) I'm in aus so it's just afternoon now and about to take the tablets. Slightly freaking out haha only cause I'm in for the unknown but fingers crossed it goes okay 🤞🏽

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Hope9 · 28/01/2023 06:22

Hey @mumof2bubba
how are you getting on? X

mumof2bubba · 28/01/2023 06:40

I have taken ibuprofen and now have the tablets in my mouth for the 30 mins. I think I'm more scared of it not working then anything else and having to redo or have surgical

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fromageallday · 28/01/2023 12:32

I went through the process at Christmas and it's not fun but it is so safe and so effective. I'm sending you all best wishes from the UK and hope everything is going OK for you. If it's not finished yet, it will be soon x

mumof2bubba · 28/01/2023 22:14

So it's the next morning. I felt one weird clot I think and there was other clotting but I have pcos so it was a normal if not lesser period for me. No pain or sickness. Iv woken up and it's really tapered off so I'm worried Its not worked. I was 6 weeks and 1 day. I have another blood test coming up in 2 weeks so I'll see how it goes the next few days and then maybe call and see if this is okay.

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