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Pregnancy choices

I don’t know what to do:( long post sorry!

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Twenty99x · 31/12/2022 11:35

I’m really needing some advice on my situation. Im 23 and found out I was pregnant at the beginning of December, completely unexpectedly! Me and my partner (or whatever we are atm) have had a bit of a rocky year and broke up a few times. I found out I was pregnant a few weeks after we broken up hence why I’m in two minds what to do.

I have told him and he is really happy and wants to keep the baby and be a family but I’m just trying to be practical and be realistic. We obviously broke up for a reason and if I didn’t get pregnant I’m not sure we would of been getting back together right now. We are both really hot headed and our arguments can be quite heated and we are as bad as each other at times but we always manage to make up and move on from our arguments. I do really love him and we have been together for 4 and a half years. He lives on his own in his flat and has a stable job and so do I, even though I’m self employed so won’t be getting any maternity pay if I keep the baby. I still live with my parents and I’m worried they would feel disappointed in me as they very much want me to live my life and do lots of things before I settle down, and they are obviously just concerned as I haven’t had the most stable relationship with my partner for the last year.

I have been pregnant before and had a termination and a miscarriage so just thinking about another loss is really really hard for me:( I’d love to be a mum and it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to be and think it’s something I’d be really good at. But I am young still and worried that I’m gonna miss out on stuff (holidays, festivals etc) but saying that I don’t have many friends and I don’t really do a lot as it is so I don’t think I’d be missing out on much at all! I know I’d have support from my family a after the initial shock of finding out but it literally makes me feel sick even telling them!! And I would definitely have all support from the dad as this is something he really wants himself. I just don’t want things to be a mess if it all goes wrong and I’m left with a baby trying to figure shit out!! Babies are so permanent and everyone makes them out to be a negative thing these days so it’s hard to see the positive points. Someone please help me, I’ve not spoken to anyone about what to do apart from my friend who thinks I should get a termination. I have an appointment booked with Marie Stopes on Tuesday but I don’t know if I even really want to go:(

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heartbroken22 · 31/12/2022 16:43

As a mum to be I think women know what they want so follow your heart. Write down the pros and cons and see what you want to do. Don't let anyone cloud your judgement. It's your choice.

RecycledKettle · 02/01/2023 14:18

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