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Will bloods show an abortion?

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USERT · 08/11/2022 21:42

Hello, hoping someone knows the answer to this.
I had an abortion 6 days ago (medical) so still bleeding. I need to book a doctors appointment where they will likely send me for bloods.

My doctors always ask the usual, are you pregnant questions etc

So what do I tell them? I went private for the abortion so it's off the record. Will my abortion show on my bloods or will it just show as a pregnancy?
My friend told me to just say your going through miscarriage but I would feel so wrong passing off my abortion for a misscarriage.

I need to make the doctors appointment urgently so can't wait until the test shows as negative but I'm also aware the pregnancy hormones may come up in my bloods.

Telling my doctor about the abortion is not an option

OP posts:
Anunusualfamily · 08/11/2022 21:49

unless they specifically test for pregnancy it won’t show up

heartbroken22 · 09/11/2022 10:01

It won't do unless you tell them. Lots of women are scared to say they had an abortion and just mention a miscarriage. Abortion is traumatic as it is. Why stress yourself more with more questions.

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