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Abortion 10/09, am I pregnant again?

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TLBftm · 15/10/2022 15:53


Not sure if I’ve posted in the correct place so forgive me…

I had a medical abortion 10th Sept. Tough decision between me and DP especially since we have a 4YO DS who asks for a brother 😔 I haven’t been on any form of contraception for over a year just due to how my body reacts with it and I’ve always been super careful in tracking my periods/ovulation. It was a silly mistake and one that left me feeling very irresponsible. Anyway, I bled for around 1.5 weeks and I haven’t had a period since. So 5 week today was the abortion. Had unprotected sex 3rd Oct, the ladies at BPAS said my cycle started again the day after abortion so by that, I shouldn’t have been ovulating but where is my period. I feel super scared right now and even more irresponsible than before. The test 3 week after abortion confirmed its success. I did a clear blue 2 days ago that was negative. I just feel like I am pregnant although symptoms are so much like period symptoms I don’t know if I’ve got into my own head. Sorry for the ramble, I guess I’m asking, if you had an abortion, when did you get your first period after?

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TLBftm · 15/10/2022 16:48

Anyone? 😟

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Jsh125 · 15/10/2022 21:09

Hi, sorry you're going through all this stress.

I had a medical abortion & my period returned pretty much bang on 4 weeks even though I was still getting positive home tests after 2 weeks. However I've also had a miscarriage in the past where it took longer for period to return.

I think i was told bleeding immediately after the abortion isn't a true period but logically it makes sense that it resets your cycle, guess it depends how long it takes for hormones to get to a level where you will ovulate again. If you were quite a number of weeks along it will take longer.

I guess the answer is it could go either way, you may be pregnant if you ovulated around the time you had unprotected sex or you may not be. If you had sex 3rd October then you should know for certain over the next few days as it will be long enough that a test would show. If you have enough tests then maybe do one with first morning urine each day & hopefully no second line will appear.

Sorry not to be more helpful but I feel for what you're going through, I've had more than one unwanted pregnancy in a short space of time & I was so furious we'd found ourselves in that situation again, it's hard not to beat yourself up but look after yourself

TLBftm · 15/10/2022 21:29

Thank you for responding, and not bashing me! Yes I’m certainly beating myself up over it. I feel so stupid. DP had picked up two tests today so I’ll do one in the morning. You’re right, if I were ovulating around the 3rd my period would be due in the next couple of days. I’ve thought of nothing else but this all day, endless googling etc. one minute I’m sure I’m not, the next I’m certain I am. My over riding feeling though, is that I am indeed pregnant again. Ahh! Going to test again first thing in morning, I just need to know either way, I can’t think of anything other than it. Thanks for being kind x

OP posts:
Jsh125 · 15/10/2022 21:58

I do think sometimes you just know if you are, I did & was not at all surprised to when the test was positive. But equally until there's 2 lines on a test it's not a given - I totally understand the waiting is awful.

If it does end up being positive don't panic, just remember you have choices, no matter how much you beat yourself up about it for finding yourself in the same situation again, if you chose not to keep it then we have free & easy access to abortion services. They exist to help women, they won't judge you, or even bat an eyelid if this is your second time - they will want to help you make the right choice for you & then to support you in getting the right treatment if you chose not to go ahead with the pregnancy.

I've just been through a surgical abortion following a medical one earlier in the year & a miscarriage in between (god it looks awful when you write it all down!) so I totally understand the feelings you're going through, I'm not a naive teenager who's only just started having sex, I know exactly how the female body works & when you can get pregnant but still it happened to us, not once but 3 times. If you are pregnant again you won't be the first & certainly won't be the last so don't be hard on yourself. The most important thing is that you don't have to have a baby you don't want, if you chose not to then within a couple of weeks you can put it all behind you again.

Fingers crossed you get an answer soon & am here if you want a chat 😊

TLBftm · 16/10/2022 08:52

Well I’ve tested again this morning. Negative. I’ve analysed and over analysed it too, deffo negative. I feel relief, but also confusion because I’m so convinced otherwise. Maybe I just have the mother of all periods enroute! It’s eased my mind slightly though, I honestly don’t know if I could go through the shame of another abortion this soon, even though it’s what I’d want.

it’s nice to speak to someone who understands and has been there, DP is all ears but doesn’t quite get it I don’t think and I’ve not told anyone else at all. Yes, I’ve reached 30 now almost so should know better. I feel like stitching myself up for the foreseeable at this point!

I guess I’ll just wait a while longer now and see if my period comes, I’ve got another test that I can take if a few more days passes without.
thanks again for your kind words

OP posts:
Jsh125 · 16/10/2022 12:03

Glad to hear you've had a negative test again, fingers crossed it stays that way. I know what you mean about the shame but if it comes to it then please be reassured that no one you deal with will make you feel ashamed, they're all lovely & just want to help.

Absolutely, unless you've been there it's hard to really understand. Same for me, husband is fab but he's not the one who's had to sort appointments, speak to people, arrange things never mind actually have the procedure & deal with all the emotions that come with it. It's not his fault but he can't possibly understand what it's like.

Keep me posted, got all my fingers crossed for you & here if you need it 😊

Japril85 · 16/10/2022 16:58

Hi there,
I had a medical abortion earlier this year. Made with a heavy heart but I was poorly and mentally affected and was deteriorating fast. We made the decision to terminate. I bled everyday (heavily) until June and every test I took said j was positive even though I wasn’t.
i go checked at the GP’s and found out I have endometriosis- so perhaps you’ve got that?y cycle hasn’t been the same since tbh. I also
still feel bad we terminated even though I know it was the right decision.

Jsh125 · 18/10/2022 13:12

How are you getting on @TLBftm? Hope you've either had another negative test or your period has arrived, fingers crossed for you! Keep us updated if you are able to 😊

TLBftm · 18/10/2022 19:58

Sorry, didn’t mean to disappear I was just still so confused as to what was going on! Thanks for checking in… so Sunday morning got the negative, by Sunday eve I had small amounts of blood in my CM. I thought oh happy days it’s starting, but by Monday morning… nothing! The symptoms I had could have been either pregnancy or period however, they went my usual period symptoms which also left me so confused. Had the odd spots of blood during Monday but zero pains and usually I suffer pretty bad so at that point I was nervous! Anyhow, last night I was super irritated and aggy 🤣 which are my usual period symptoms so I had hope, by this afternoon I was bleeding and in deep pain 🙃 so panic over, it’s deffo a period! Happy days. I feel like someone somewhere was trying to teach me a harsh lesson lol. Learnt. Batting the OH off for a while until I get back used to my cycle timings 🤣 thanks again for coming back to me, you deffo eased my mind in my choices and made me feel less of a dick 😃

OP posts:
TLBftm · 18/10/2022 20:00

To add… I’ve been lucky, because now my period is here, it’s clear I must have been ovulating the time of the unprotected 😰

OP posts:
Jsh125 · 18/10/2022 21:12

Hey @TLBftm this is excellent news! Don't apologise for disappearing - you didn't even disappear, just wondered how things were.

So pleased for you that it's negative and period has now arrived, what a relief! Glad you don't need to even think about another abortion. Hope the pains ease off soon though & things settle down again.

Ha, tell me about it - my husband will be lucky if he ever gets near me again 😂. I need to get right back on cycle tracking. Honestly, I can laugh about it now but this last year has been anything but hilarious. But above all else I'm just grateful we have access to abortion services that are free & easy to get the help you need.

Fingers crossed for much less stress for you from now on 😊😊

TLBftm · 18/10/2022 21:26

Ah thank you! It’s nice someone is as pleased as I am… I came as quite a shock to DP the last time when I told him I thought abortion was the best option right now, and this time he was sort of on the fence thinking we should just maybe go for it and I shouldn’t go through all that again, so I’m relieved it’s not a deeper convo we need to have!

Its been a bit of year here too, we are in no position for another child! Bring on the cycle tracking 😅 gosh yes to the easy free access, I can’t even imagine what others must go through that now cannot access these services 😰

thanks again, I hope your year improves 🤞🏻

OP posts:
Jsh125 · 18/10/2022 22:56

Absolutely, thank god you don't have to have a conversation about what to do which would be made a million times harder if you weren't both in unanimous agreement one way or the other.

Likewise, onwards & upwards for both of us hopefully 😊. Thanks for being there too, it's nice to have someone who's gets it - it can feel like a lonely place sometimes

Eli04 · 13/04/2023 17:57

Hi everyone,I’m new here
I had an abortion 3 weeks ago and ever since then I still feel the symptoms of pregnancy and I didn’t have sex fast forward to Tuesday I went for blood test and did ultrasound and it’s still positive,I don’t know what could be the cause and I don’t know if anyone has experienced this before,I’m scheduled for another D&C for tomorrow

Jsh125 · 13/04/2023 23:51

Hi @Eli04 😊. Hope you're doing ok after the aboriginal, emotionally as well.

I had a similar experience & a scan showed retained products - had a positive test & still felt pregnant. So the pregnancy has ended but it hadn't all been removed at the time of the surgical abortion. I ended up having the procedure repeated & had no further problems.

I'd guess this might be the same issue for you - what did they say when you had the scan done?

Jsh125 · 13/04/2023 23:52

Abortion even - not aboriginal, autocorrect got me!

isabellajuliette · 27/09/2023 16:12


So i had a medical abortion 7 weeks ago, as to which I haven’t got my period yet. I was on the pill but decided to come off of it because I was dealing with mental trauma & a million hormones flushing in and out of my body.

On saturday, I took a pregnancy test as to which i got a faint line, and today i tested on a digital as to which it says Pregnant 1-2.

Is there a chance I am newly pregnant? I have had unprotected sex since the abortion.

I have a test that i can take next week when i hit the 8 week mark, maybe i’ll know better then. I am just confused as to if i am newly pregnant? Thank you & please do not say anything if you’ve got nothing nice to say!

Hcope18 · 27/09/2023 18:06

I’ve never used anything like this before but I really just need some advice. I had an abortion 3 months ago and it was such a hard decision I haven’t really forgiven myself since. I’m only 21 and the relationship I’m in now and at the time is really fresh. 3 months down the line I come to find I am pregnant again. There’s nothing I want more than to keep this baby and do it right this time but my boyfriend can’t express enough how not ready he is and how much he needs me to get an abortion. I can’t just allow a man against his will to be a dad, but I don’t know if my body can mentally and psychically go through this process again, especially not so soon.

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