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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices


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Rosegold123 · 10/08/2022 23:16

My mind is still in over drive and I really don’t know where to start😰
I found out yesterday I’m pregnant. Iv been with my partner almost 3 years and things are good he is a great guy although he is younger than me 4 years and no children, I know for a fact he’d make a fantastic dad as he is a great with the children I have previously 13 and 11.
Sadly they both don’t have a great relationship with their biological dad and contact is inconsistent.
As us mums know all too well motherhood can be challenging and at times I do struggle especially as one of my children is diagnosed with ASD/ADHD. Yet motherhood is the most rewarding thing and I am blessed I got the opportunity🥰
I genuinely thought I wouldn’t get pregnant as my first child was conceived through treatment and I was told in my late teens I had PCOS, endometriosis, scar tissue on my fallopians tubes, immature ovaries and that conceiving after 30 would be almost impossible.
throughout lock down we explored the idea of a baby and how lovely it’d be to have a new life who’d connect us all and would make us a blended family.
2 years on…..
I’m actually pregnant and I’m doubting everything🫣I’m older,(34) heavier and suffering with long covid, I work P/T and my partner F\T not the greatest income unfortunately and with the inflation that’s just another added worry, along with how challenging things can be with caring for a child with adhd/asd who is really struggling atm and how both children would react to the news especially given the age gap. Obviously my partner is really supportive and said the decision is mine and he’ll support either way yet he’d like for me to keep it that’s IF I can🥹
As with my gyno history I’m at risk of a ectopic pregnancy I visited GP today as I feel tender in lower abdomen area especially after passing urine, slight leucocytes in urine indicate uti so I have a corse of antibiotics on examination I was more tender on my left side😞I’m also due to go abroad on a dream holiday on Friday for 10 nights total relaxation now I’m massively worried about the possibility of it been ectopic and me ending up in a foreign hospital😔I have booked myself in for a private early scan tomorrow but with only been 4-5 weeks pregnant it’s very unlikely anything will be visible.
If you haven’t already guessed….
I’m a terrible over-thinker with huge health anxiety.
Im not looking for any judgemental comments but just some advice from someone who has been or is in a similar situation? TIA

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SoInLuv · 21/05/2023 17:04

Hello @Rosegold123 ,
I hope you did keep the baby, as every baby is a blessing 😇

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