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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Anyone one else waiting for an appointment?

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scaredandanxious01 · 25/06/2022 20:55

I feel like I’m spamming this board since I found out I was pregnant yesterday. I’m 4 weeks exactly today. I called BPAS yesterday and got a telephone consultation booked for first thing Tuesday morning. I feel like time is literally slowing down. Absolutely dreading going to work Monday and having to tell my boss I will need Tuesday morning off work and the reason why, my boss is absolutely lovely but I feel so ashamed and guilty. Is anyone else out there also waiting for their appointment? I feel so alone although partner being as supportive as possible.

OP posts:
Theoriginalinvisiblewoman · 26/06/2022 13:32

@scaredandanxious01 I’m not waiting for an appointment myself but I know the feeling when you’ve made your mind up and just want it over with. I had a medical abortion 2 weeks ago- I’d never been pregnant before and honestly didn’t think I could due to various health issues (PCOS being one of them) so it was a massive shock. Unfortunately due to said health issues I didn’t have a choice but to abort 😕 It was 100% the right decision for me but I do still wish with all my heart that I could have continued with the pregnancy 😢 Please don’t feel alone, there is a lot of support on these boards and you’re very welcome to DM me if you wish. I hope your appointment goes OK on Tuesday 💐

Undecided111 · 28/06/2022 14:51

No need to tell your boss. Can’t you just keep it vague with an important medical appointment?

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