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Pregnancy choices

D and C

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MarieCC · 22/06/2022 15:58

Hi girls
I unfortunately had a premature labour at 22 weeks and our baby passed away shortly after birth. I had to have a d and c a couple of months after this. i 'm worried now as I have read that this can cause a weaker cervix-

Has anyone on here had a d and c and then a healthy pregnancy

Much love

Many thanks

OP posts:
Katrina322 · 16/02/2023 08:23

Hi how are you? I’m really sorry for your loss, hope you’re holding up ok- no words can describe or help what we go through 😞 Sorry I’m not much help but I’m after the same advice really. I had a d&c yesterday after 7wk miscarriage which was incomplete and medication did not help 😞 I’m now worried about the rare risk of scar tissue impacting future implantation 😞 but like yourself d&c was only option left. Xxx

Sparklesandsunshine1 · 16/02/2023 11:12

So sorry for your loss hope you are taking care of yourself?
i had a D&C in 2020 after a MMC and went on to have a healthy pregnancy 3 months after I was worried too they just told me to wait 3 months after procedure before trying again x

Katrina322 · 16/02/2023 14:43

Hi Sparklesandsunshine1, why did they tell you to wait 3 months if you don’t mind me asking? Was that for womb lining to build again? I’m so anxious to get trying again but don’t want to risk harm or complications by going too soon xxx

Sparklesandsunshine1 · 16/02/2023 15:07

@Katrina322 the hospital advised me that straight after you are more at risk of eptopic and it scared me into waiting I did Google this a lot and didn’t see much to back it up but I followed anyway

I think to be honest it took me a while to get my cycle back after anyway so may not have worked right away even if we’d have tried but who knows

I did a lot of research and looked at things to make my body ready in this time so I felt like I was being proactive and in more control things like pre pregnancy vitamins - raspberry tea - acupuncture which a risky helped get my cycle going again

was torture waiting and who knows if was right or not but thankfully worked out in the end - possibly gave me a bit more time to process too as pregnancy after loss is hard worrying about what had happened before and being happy whilst also being sad

the worst girl gang ever gave some really great podcasts on loss and pregnancy after loss if your interested

I hope you both take care of yourself and get your rainbows if / once your ready ladies

Katrina322 · 16/02/2023 15:20

@Sparklesandsunshine1 thank you so much. Oh my goodness ectopic 😬 that is frightening. I’m just so scared for doing wrong, since I’ve miscarried it’s been discovered I have a dermoid cyst 😣 and the wrong blood type, a rare negative type where I have to now get injections. Not straight forward. But hopefully it’ll all work out ok. Xxx

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