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Pregnancy choices

How will I manage? 3rd baby

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starynight63 · 18/06/2022 21:52

Hi, long story short I have a 11 yr old, 18m old and have just found out I'm pregnant again, we think around 6/7 weeks but waiting on a scan to confirm (booked an early one for next weekend) the problem is my ex left us when youngest was 6 months, he'd been having an affair too. Since then we've slept together a few times and most recently must be when it happened, I was on the pill too. We're both really shocked, and this wouldn't make me want to reconnect with him.. but I was just starting to date again & now I'm terrified of being a single mum throughout a whole pregnancy and birth with a toddler too. How will I cope 😫 also, how often would it be expected he can see baby when born? I'd intent to breastfeed my 18m is still feeding from me now.
Termination just isn't an option for me.
Hoping for some support or to hear others experiences :(

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heartbroken22 · 19/06/2022 14:41

Please don't worry. The initial panic in pregnancy especially an accidental one needs to be spoken about. I had hyperemesis and panicked like mad I immediately regretted talking the first pill. I think with your ex because you've already got kids it maybe easier? Could he have the toddler some days? If you be civil and work things out together even if you're not together maybe you could manage? It doesn't seem bad at all and think it's a blessing for your children. I just wish there someone there to stop my panick just before my termination because now that I'm not pregnant I don't know what I was so worried about.

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