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Worried about my scan apt

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Polcf · 28/04/2022 08:54

I’ve got a scan appointment today and I am about 5 weeks (hopefully no further than this). I’ve got a phone consultation on Monday but I’m wondering why I would need to wait after the scan, could they just give me the tablets today if everything checks out? I don’t want to wait and get further along as I’m worried the process will be physically harder.


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greenghosty2 · 28/04/2022 14:25

The telephone consultation is to probably go through the consent form and lots of other questions etc.

Which route have you gone? I went via Bpas and had a telephone consultation first and they decided I didn't need a scan and sent the tablets straight away.

I know it's horrible to have to wait but please remember it's only a few days and will make little difference to your experience 💐

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