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Pregnancy choices

Abortion depression

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Alwaysconfused101 · 02/04/2022 08:20

I am booked to have a surgical abortion at 14 ish weeks . I wanted one before but I wasn’t allowed a general anaesthetic so I panicked and went home . My ex planned a baby with me but we split up and he was emotionally abusive to me . He wants me to abort so he can carry on his cosy life . I am feeling so resentful to this man . He doesn’t care about me or what happens to me . I’ve been torn , but to have a baby with a baby who would let me / us down so much is horrible. He has two kids he dotes on which makes it worse . I feel worthless. How can I get over my anger and resentment? I am so depressed and my mental health is slipping down and down . I feel worse knowing he doesn’t care.

OP posts:
MissMaple82 · 02/04/2022 08:34

It sounds like you dint want this abortion and you're doing because you feel pressured. At 14 weeks this will be a very traumatic experience and if its not something you really want you heading for disaster. Many people, me included bring up children without the input of a man, in fact it's better! I'm not at at against abortion, I have had 2 early ones. But this reeks or regret and heartbreak

MissMaple82 · 02/04/2022 08:36

I feel like your putting this sorry excuse of a man before an unborn child that you probably actually want. I want to say have your baby and leave him, everything will be OK.

Lonleygal · 02/04/2022 13:57

I’ve also had 2 abortions at 6 weeks . They put me to sleep for the surgical one so don’t know why they wouldnt for you. It’s a light sedation but you won’t know anything till they wake you up. Don’t do it unless your 100% sure . I wasn’t and now I regret it . But at the same time if you do ahead with it don’t feel bad. I’ve found it very hard being a single mum so i can honestly see it from both sides. Having a rubbish man in your life who’s going to be like that isn’t worth it .

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