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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Abortion MSI choices help!

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Sunshinebiscuit · 03/02/2022 17:52

We have decided to terminate our pregnancy. In short this is my 6th pregnancy I have 2 children first 3 pregnancies were late miscarriages my son was born at 28weeks and I had a stitch put in with my daughter, my pregnancies are not good and full of hospital appointments. It has taken a while to come to this decision and I'm now 13 weeks.

I contacted MSI who have given me a consultation appointment for in 2 weeks time and I'm now just over thinking everything. Does anybody know what they will ask?

I'm worried they won't be able to help as I have diabetes and an auto immune disease and my previous pregnancies I've had issues with hemorrhaging, emergency surgery due to retained placentas. I think I just need someone who has been through this to just reassure me or give me a heads up on what they will ask and if anyone has been told they couldn't get a termination through them. Thank you

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squishymarshmellow · 03/02/2022 19:26

Hi there

Sorry you're finding yourself in this situation, I am almost 3 weeks post termination and also have health conditions.

They will ask about your dates, health, reasons for termination, mental health and previous pregnancies.

Because you have health conditions they might ask you to go for a scan and tests (blood, bp etc).

I gave up with BPAS (similar to MSI) after the consultation. Instead I contacted my local gynae department at the nearest hospital and asked if they had a pregnancy choices clinic.

They saw me within 8 days and I had a medical termination in the hospital in a side room in the ward incase of haemorrhage.

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