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Pregnancy choices

What would you do?

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Harrysmummy16 · 16/11/2021 19:10

So I’m 28 married and have a 5 year old son, in 2017 I suffered a miscarriage since then I have been unable to get pregnant even with taking advice from the GP in 2021 I fell pregnant but suffered from an eptopic pregnancy, I’ve been to the GP and undergone blood tests to find out why I can’t get pregnant as often as I should have been with all the trying. The tests came back and basically I have very low progesterone which would cause infertility and also not being able to carry. I was told by my GP that she would refer me to a fertility clinic to help long story short they won’t help because I have a child already and they would charge which I’m not in the position to. After lots of calls I won’t get it free anywhere!! So I’ve kind of gave up now in thinking I have 1 and I should be grateful I have 1. With my low progesterone causes severe migraines every month after my period which apparently is normal for having that problem, I can barely get out of bed and take care of my son and my husband works away and is not always home when they happen. Spoke to the GP who has said that only a fertility clinic would be able to help with the migraines because they will find the route of the problem and prescribe me what I need to stop them, again they won’t help for free because they are a fertility clinic for people without children. My GP just keeps telling me they can help but not helping they get my hopes up that everything will get sorted and it’s not. The fertility place want me to go for blood tests and scans to see if there is a problem and fix it but again that’s not free and I don’t think I should pay for something that I have no control over and also the fact I have told them I do not want anymore children because this is really affecting me with the up and downs and the not knowing and also these migraines I know to the date when I am getting them so I am always anxious beforehand.. is there anyone who has gone through this or going through this that could maybe give me some advice

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OnlyFoolsnMothers · 16/11/2021 19:13

Your gp is a twat- you have a migraine issue, that is their issue. Can you see another gp at the surgery?

Harrysmummy16 · 16/11/2021 19:52

There’s only 2.. the one told me she would get me the treatment I needed and I would be pregnant by the end of the year the other one laughed when I told her to forget any fertility treatments and focus on my migraines and she laughed and said my migraines are nothing to do with my progesterone problems and to focus on getting pregnant bcoz I’m so young but then wouldn’t put me on the contraceptive pill bcoz when I’m getting tested for my levels they won’t see me if I’m stopping myself although if I get pregnant I will lose it 100%.. I was told by the hospital when I had the eptopic pregnancy that it’s so dangerous if I hadn’t have gone in with cramps they couldn’t guarantee that I didn’t lose my tubes and would never get pregnant again

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