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Pregnancy choices

TW Abortion

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Dreamer07 · 16/09/2021 06:58

I’m hoping someone can offer me some advice.
I’m currently going through an at home abortion. I took the first pill on Tuesday PM. Inserted 4 of the next pill 24 hours later. ( yesterday pm) I had started to bleed a few hours before the second pills were due. Anyway, I inserted the 4 pills around 5pm last night. Then another 2 three hours later,
The Cramping, heavy bleeding & clotting started around half an hour after. I had a lot of pain and bleeding for around 5 hours until midnight. But all I’ve passed is clots. The pain has now almost gone I feel uncomfortable & tender this morning rather than in pain and I haven’t had anymore clots although I’m still bleeding. I don’t think I’ve passed anything other than the clots? I feel so frustrated that I don’t know if it’s happened or not as I’ve been so terrified of what to expect when it actually happened. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and it was a really awful experience ending in blood transfusions and I know that every pregnancy is different but this just doesn’t feel like it’s happened. Does anyone know if it’s possible to not realise that you have actually passed the pregnancy? My pregnancy symptoms have also disappeared today.
Thank you in advance for any replies! X

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Turefu · 16/09/2021 07:01

How far you were gone? I had miscarriage at eight weeks and all I passed was clots and blood.

Dreamer07 · 16/09/2021 07:08

Hello. Thank you for replying, I’m sorry you went through that. I was almost 10 weeks. That’s reassuring to hear thank you. X

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Rose925 · 16/09/2021 08:16

Hey ! At 10 weeks for medical abortion youd of been lucky to not see the embryo . I had one as 9 + 4 many years ago when I was a teenager and I saw the baby which was highly distressing . So if you’ve managed to pass without seeing anything then consider yourself highly lucky .
I had a medical termination at 5 weeks 2 weeks ago and it was no where near as bad I assumed it didn’t work as it was just so ‘easy ‘ compared to what my head had built it up to be . Test came up negative the other day to confirm it worked .
Take care of yourself bleeding can come in stages so try take next couple of days to yourself xx

Santabunny · 16/09/2021 08:33

Hi @Dreamer07, sorry you are in such a stressful situation. Both MSI and BPAS have qualified nurses available to answer questions such as this , and they can provide expert medical advice and reassurance. Call your provider , ( be that BPAS, MSI or NUPAS), and explain what you've said here, and they should get a qualified nurse to call you back.

If for any reason the nurse is concerned something is wrong they can arrange for you to come in for a scan to check the termination has completed. Take care and I hope you manage to get through to your provider as that should hopefully give you some reassurance. Xx

Dreamer07 · 16/09/2021 08:48

@Rose925 thank you so much for your reply. This is the thing I’ve been so worried about actually seeing it that when I did pass something other than just normal blood I didn’t look I just flushed so there’s probably a chance I did but didn’t see it. Too much info but I probably passed around 7-10 lumps which I assumed were all clots some bigger than others. When I miscarried- the clots were much much bigger than this and I never did pass the pregnancy I ended up having surgery due to the amount of blood lost but I was 12 weeks. I think I could be thinking too much into it and I need to wait for it to runs it’s course. I really appreciate your reply so thank you again for your advice. Im going to rest up and call the clinic tomorrow if Im still worried x

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Rose925 · 16/09/2021 09:11

Remember each time is different , no recovery is the same also . Although I didn’t cramp bleed badly on the day , a week later I was doubled over in labour like pains last week enough to make me sick , I assume it was my uterus returning to normal . But previously never had anything like that in the aftermath .
Hopefully you passed it without seeing anything . This time I was so early I knew it would be nothing visible but I was passing everything in the toilet . Whereas previous it was falling into the pad when I stood up !
Take it easy and keep an eye on your symptoms , mine went away the day after . My boobs now feel back to normal too after 2 weeks xx

Dreamer07 · 16/09/2021 10:27

@Rose925 yes I was like that when I miscarried I had to sit on the toilet I couldn’t move around as I was losing so much it was an awful experience. I’ve been feeling very sick for well over a month and sore boobs but today I’ve woken up with no symptoms so fingers crossed I’m going in the right direction! Thank you! Xx

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cactijones · 16/09/2021 10:34

When I had an abortion I had to pass my clots into a bedpan and then the nurse checked it. I thought I had passed it as some looked different to others but when she said I'd passed it it was just a normal looking clot. I was 8 weeks. Hope you're okay xx

notlongtillxmas · 17/09/2021 09:17

Is it possible you may have passed the pregnancy down in the loo ?
Follow the self assessment directions given to you and any concerns give your provider a call , they will easily get you in for a check if you are concerned you have not passed the sac
Be kind to yourself 💐

Dreamer07 · 17/09/2021 10:06

Thank you both for your replies, I’m going to give them a call this morning, it’s just playing on my mind that’s all. I’m having what feels just like a normal period now, no cramping or clots though. I appreciate everyone’s replies xx

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