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Pregnancy choices

Today’s the day - sick with nerves. Private scan after?

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41whathaveudone · 16/08/2021 07:36

So I’m 7 + 5 and at 1.30 today I’m at the nupas clinic for my scan and tablets. Although I know I’m doing the right thing and my husband is fully supporting me, I feel sick with nerves. Full of what ifs incase things go wrong. Scared of the pain. I’m petrified of the whole process. The clinic were so lovely on the phone, so calming and reassuring but honestly I’m so frightened.

I am at the clinic on my own today so will take a book etc. I’ve read all the threads on here over and over - I know roughly what to expect - I guess I’m just willing the next few days away now. I’m wondering if it’s possible to pay privately for a scan afterwards to see if it’s been successful? Has anybody done that? I don’t think I can wait four weeks with not knowing.

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SudokuZebra · 17/08/2021 10:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

41whathaveudone · 17/08/2021 12:37

Hi @SudokuZebra I’m ok thank you, second lot of tablets this afternoon. I feel nauseous and obv I’m apprehensive but I’m still happy with my decision

Thanks so much for asking xxx this board is so supportive

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SudokuZebra · 17/08/2021 12:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dodette78 · 22/08/2021 10:43

Hi Op.
I think you can have a scan but the sooner it is done the less likely it is going to show anything meaningful. This is because the bleed and endometrial tissue is still there in the womb while you have a bleed so all they can say is that there is tissue. If you do have retained products it would result in more than normal amount of bleed/pain or infection at which point the scan may be able to pick something up.
The reason they ask us to wait with preg test is so that there is enough time for the hormones to drop. It takes weeks. Even the low sensitivity test they give us picks things up at 2 weeks so I was asked to do at 3.
Unfortunately this is a bit of a waiting game. But if you are well, not feeling "pregnant", bleeding is manageable and no other issues crop up, it should be fine.
I get the sense of urgency -i'm the same, just want to know already- but there are limitations to scanning early, as I understand, as above.
Best wishes x

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