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MSI Buckhurst Hill Surgical Procedure - Process & Aftermath

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Ronnie211097 · 11/08/2021 14:33

I find myself posting again, because on my previous post which talked about how scared I was of a surgical procedure, I was blessed with a number of individuals who offered me unconditional support. Regardless of whether it was online via a series of typed up sentences, it made me feel SO much better before, during and after the procedure.

I thought I would write another post just to outline my experience with MSI particularly the Buckhurst Hill Clinic, maybe to give some insight to women who are seeking to have a surgical abortion done there, or just to cleanse my chest and close a chapter that is looming over me in doom and gloom. As a whole, my experience is primarily negative though it has some positive aspects to it, however I have still gone ahead and complained to MSI.

My last period was 13th May 2021. 4 weeks later, I anticipated for my period to come on, but I did not fully know my cycle yet as I went off the mini pill in November last year due to not liking hormones, going crazy and just wanting to give my body a break. My partner and I have been having regular sex during this time and I followed a fertility calculator (checking my temp and everything), unfortunately there came a time where I became pregnant, and we have found ourselves opting for termination due to the fact I have recently finished therapy, my mind was still fragile, I have started a new job and we have recently moved. Things were all over the place, but I am not here to cleanse myself as to why we have chosen to terminate. On the 18th of June I decided to call MSI to request the medical abortion pill. I had a telephone consultation with a nurse on the 21st and the pills got here on the 25th. I took the first pill by mouth on the day they arrived and as soon as I took the first medication, a sense of regret overwhelmed my partner and I. We both cried like children on the bed. We were devastated. Unfortunately, the first dose of damage was done and to avoid any further harm, the final lot of medication was taken on the 26th where I started to bleed and pass clots. I passed rather large clots 4 hours after taking the second lot of medicines and bled for about a week or so. I suffered with extremely bad food aversion and morning sickness during my pregnancy, and these symptoms died down pretty quick. I was 6 weeks pregnant when we terminated.

3 weeks later I took the pregnancy test provided by the Clinic which showed a faint positive, so I thought maybe hormones are lingering inside my body and I need another week. Week 4 post termination and the test is still positive. I called MSI and a nurse called me back straight away to book me in for an appointment in the clinic itself for Wednesday 4th August. The tests were coming positive.

The day of the appointment came and I was called in to be seen by a Dr within the clinic. He asked me questions, how I felt etc, then did a scan. ''I have bad news for you - the pregnancy is still there, healthy and alive and you are pregnant with twins''. My heart sank and I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness and confusion at the same time. I was excited to tell my boyfriend who was waiting for me but realistically we would never be able to handle twins, especially unsure if they would be born with defects following medical abortion medication. I was booked in for a surgical the following Monday at 8am. It was discussed with me by the Dr that I would be put to sleep to avoid pain and distress and would get the coil fitted. I have also made it clear to the Dr that I occasionally take propranolol for anxiety, which he noted down and informed me I can take 20mg on the day of surgery if needed. Unfortunately, the Dr insensitively kept showing me the scan print outs and did not take much effort to hide it. I could see them and I felt so conflicted. In the reception to book me in, he loudly exclaimed 'failed medical abortion, book in for surgical' that other members of the staff could hear and the ladies in the waiting area, too. It was all quite insensitive and embarrassing. After many chats, we have agreed to go ahead with the surgical and to have the copper coil fitted.

The day of the surgery came. I pre-called the Clinic to ask whether my partner can wait with me as I suffer from very bad anxiety, set off by medical environments. We got to the clinic, I was told to sit down and James was told to leave, quite rudely. I was left all alone, scared and my panic was really setting itself off. I was called in by a nurse after waiting for an hour who said I will have a short procedure done to clear out tissue from my cervix (at this stage I thought that maybe the babies were dead in the scan that's why she is referring to them as debris and spare tissue) and on the form I agreed to sedation and not a GA. She asked me about allergies etc, and off I was sent to wait in the pre-treatment room. I have confirmed I wanted to have the copper coil as I can not do hormones - they set me craaaazy. I was told to change by a lovely nurse who explained to me the procedure confirmed my contraception and gave the notes to a different Dr that was going to treat me. She came out to speak with me to say that the notes given by the other Dr were incorrect and they have me down for a different treatment + I would not be able to get the coil fitted. I was confused and my anxiety was through the roof. Then the Dr came out whilst I am sitting in this changing room half naked who was rudely asking me about what was said in my initial appointment, why did I say that I have already had a surgical treatment in the past and that he would not be able to carry out the treatment. I started to cry, it was all too much and I just wanted it done. Every step of the way I have expressed that I am anxious and scared of anaesthetics and anything medical related yet no support was given to me apart from the 2 nurses who sat with me. After sitting in the changing room for 10 mins I was finally rushed into the theatre where I had to introduce myself in front of a team of people and sit on the bed. The anesthetist when putting the needle into my arm informed me I will be going into GA - I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS AND HE DID NOT CHECK WITH ME IF IT WAS FINE OR IF I HAD TAKEN PROPRANOLOL. I had a panic attack whilst laying there because I did not know what was going on and I was going into panic and shock mode. I had a face mask on me but have asked to remove it as I was struggling to breathe and they said no after which they put a breathing mask over the face covering and BAM, I went to sleep. I woke up being helped into a wheel chair and taken to the recovery ward. I felt extremely drowsy and nauseous but did not vomit. Had my blood pressure checked three times by a nurse and after 30 mins, I was allowed to leave, though still felt extremely sick. I had the coil fitted, though I woke up with major cramping, I was given a hot pack to put over my abdomen.

Overall, I would say that the experience was more traumatising and painful emotionally than I anticipated. By no means am I trying to put anyone off from going there, but do prepare yourself mentally and do seek guidance if you need it from therapies/support groups if you need it, especially if you suffer anxiety like myself. I felt that the staff were as a whole rude and not very supportive. It felt as though this was their day job and seeing women come in and out was a standard occurrence to them - which indeed it is, but let's not forget why these women are there in the first place.

In terms of recovery, I felt really rough on Monday and rather drowsy yesterday, only really regained my strengths yesterday afternoon. The bleeding was heavy on Monday but began to die down since yesterday afternoon and I am on antibiotics for 7 days. The cramping has also subsided with a random discomfort here and there but this is all normal following a procedure that happened to recent as well. I am going to give it a week before checking my coil as I do not want to shove my fingers up there whilst it is all healing. I was expecting a LOT more pain and blood, but I guess I am on a good road to recovery - the only positive to come out of this whole nasty experience.

I have sent a complaint to MSI and now I am trying to erase this event from memory. If anyone has any questions though, please do reach out and I will be more than happy to help.

Also hoping that the coil will be all fine!

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SudokuZebra · 17/08/2021 10:22

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