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Bleeding after ERPOC

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Jaali8484 · 21/03/2021 21:34

Hi just wondered if anyone could possibly help me or if anyone has been in a similar situation. I had ERPOC on Thursday after my medical termination failed 6 weeks prior to that. Everything went well as expected with only a little bleeding on the day and no bleeding on Friday but since Saturday I have started to bleed moderate heavy. I called up the aftercare line and the nurse said it could be two things, 1 my period has started(it has been past 6 weeks since I had the first medical pill) or it could be an infection causing the bleeding I took the antibiotics they gave me on the day of the procedure and prior to that I finished a two week course of antibiotics too. So I’m just worried that I’m not over all this I’m praying that this bleeding is my period and nothing else but I’m so worried due to the fact that I’ve just been through so many complications for 6.5 weeks with this termination and can’t see the end of this. Thank you for reading this long post x

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vomcomvomcom · 21/03/2021 21:41

Hello! Exactly same thing happened to me, and I was literally at my wits end after weeks of bleeding and cramping and clots. My best friend had a lot of calls from me wailing “ahhh how can there be anymore blood in there ffs” - remember that you have had your insides scraped. There is going to be some bleeding etc afterwards as things settle down. I didn’t have a period for 2 months after my ERPOC, but there was some spotting. Please don’t stress. All our insides and experiences are different. If you are worried then give the ward a call tomorrow. Also my mental health took a nosedive after due to all the stress and hormones so just go easy on yourself. FlowersFlowers

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