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Pregnancy choices

7 weeks 5 days pregnant and don't want a medical abortion

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Chi062197 · 02/03/2021 13:52

Hi everyone, I'm on here in hopes to get some emotional support. Last Friday morning I started feeling nauseous/not myself, and took a pregnancy test. Of course it came out positive. I immediately told my husband when he came home from work and he was very supportive. I have been struggling with some gyno/abdominal issues this last year and have seen multiple specialist, making me think I could possibly have fertility issues, so this pregnancy was a complete shock especially as I was still on the pill! My husband and I both agreed this wasn't a good time for us to have a baby even though we want kids in the future. This morning I had a consultation about getting a medical abortion with BPAS, and have an appt with them on Mon the 8th. At that point I will be 8 weeks and 5 days. I've been really sad about this decision, part of me really wants to keep it, but I know it wouldn't be smart to do so right now. I'm dreading going through with it. I also have been contemplating telling my mom, because the only one that knows is my hubby. Any thoughts, experiences, or advice you could give me I would really appreciate, thanks xxx

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alsodetoxing · 02/03/2021 13:54

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Borris · 02/03/2021 13:54

Do you know if fertility issues are likely? I wouldn’t abort if I wanted kids in the future and might struggle

Alicespring · 02/03/2021 15:05

What a horrible situation for you op.
I didn't want to read and run but I don't have much advice for you other than maybe seek some counselling, I think BPAS do it. They will be able to help you come to a decision.
I had an abortion last year and at the time it was the right thing for me, I didn't find it too traumatising though it did make me realise I wanted kids and I started trying pretty much 2 months after I had the abortion. This is something I definitely should've seeked counselling for as it consumed me, so basically if I could suggest anything is speak to a professional before you do it.

Chi062197 · 02/03/2021 15:18

Alicespring, thank you so much for your sweet and supportive message! I probably would benefit from speaking to a professional again beforehand. That's interesting that you started trying for a little one shortly afterwards. I hope that has all gone well for you X I know I have to ultimately make my own decision, but it hasn't been easy x thanks again

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A1m2z3 · 11/03/2021 20:17

I am literally sitting here 3 h after starting the second part of my medical abortion and it's gone very smoothly with minimal pain and I'm sure I've already passed the pregnancy. Abortion is never a nice thing but I've jumped on mumsnet because for weeks now I've been looking for peoples experiences and scared myself thinking it was going to be horrendous but it hasn't been.
I have three children already and was happy was that. Me and my husband were definitely sure we didn't want any more before I accidentally fell pregnant.
I knew it was the right decision straight away when I did the test. I remember feeling so excited with my other 3 children to see the pregnant sign pop up but when I took this test I stuffed the sick into the wrapper and didn't want to look. Talk to the available councillors and make sure it's right for both of you. I think your initial reaction to the test seems to be a genuine one in my opinion.
Good luck but know if you pick the medical its not as scary as you might think x

Chi062197 · 11/03/2021 21:29

Hi A1m2z3, thank youuu so much for sharing your experience. I'm so sorry to hear that you have just gone through with it, but it sounds like it was the right decision for you and your family xx I'm glad you weren't in that much pain and that it has been relatively quick. If you don't mind me asking how many weeks are you?

I just went through mine on Tues night. I was 8 weeks 2 days. My husband was with me the whole time and very supportive but to be honest it was a very painful and emotional process. I know it was the right decision for us, but I cried to myself in bed once my husband was asleep last night. It might just be hormones, but I do feel sad about the whole thing. I have talked to someone at BPAS which has helped. Anyways, I know everyone is different and I'm sure as time goes on it will get better. That's lovely to hear you have three little ones at home. Keep well and take it easy xxx thinking of you at this time X

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A1m2z3 · 12/03/2021 12:35

Chi062197, sorry to hear you had a tough time with it, gald your husband was there to support you. Think it's natural to feel sad about it all. I'm glad with my decision and feel relieved it's all over, but I feel bad for the little life that could have been.
I think hormones have a lot of influence on our emotions at the moment I'm sure as everything adjusts you will be feeling better emotionally.

Chi062197 · 12/03/2021 13:12

I appreciate your support and response xx yah I'm sure I'll be back to myself soon!

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