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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Practical steps re: unplanned pg

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Sweetwrapper · 15/11/2020 22:47

I have found out I am unexpectedly pg with 4th baby. I don’t know how I feel. I’m not overjoyed, and very aware i have just started new job this week, financially it would be tough, plus there were various complications esp in last pg and labour. I am now 40 so at increased risk generally plus haven’t been taking folic acid etc.

I feel like I need to talk through medical risks with someone, and would also like to confirm dates, as I had what I thought was period (but now think it was the classic implantation bleeding I had never had before!) i feel like this would help me consider how to proceed.

Where do I go to talk to someone, I think I am around 7 weeks? Is GP first port of call?

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Mummyto3GBG · 16/11/2020 07:04

Yes I would speak to your GP or midwife at your surgery, they will be able to sort out who you are best speaking to and book you in for a scan to see how far you are. Hope your ok x

Sweetwrapper · 17/11/2020 23:07

Thanks, yes I’m ok, although I think I’m in denial largely. I don’t feel excited, but equally haven’t been in tears. The GP wants me to make decision by the end of the week, and said it’s not possible to have a scan yet. He said my medical issues shouldnt be the deciding factor, although they did increase risks.Don’t really know how to make decision.

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laura212 · 19/11/2020 15:04

Don’t rush yourself into a decision. Once you choose a termination there’s no going back. I decided to carry on my pregnancy but my first port of call was BPAS. My experience with them has been very good. I hadn’t made a decision yet and told them that I wasn’t sure what to do or about my dates. They booked me in with a counsellor who arranged a scan to see if that would help me decide about the pregnancy. I was 7+ weeks then. It is absolutely possible to have a scan and check viability even early on. If you feel it could help you decide, maybe it’s worth ringing BPAS. There really is no pressure to go through with the termination if you don’t want to.

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