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Pregnancy choices

TFMR not telling husband

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Sucksfake1 · 18/06/2020 16:30

I had to have a TFMR it was none negotiable the pregnancy itself nearly killed me, giving birth most definitely would of done. I didn't realise I was pregnant as I lost a massive amount of weight due to an infection and put my periods stopping down to that.

I didn't tell my husband we are separated quite traumatic (for me) circumstances. I can't tell anyone I got stupidly Ill with an infection afterwards I felt like I deserved it.

I was past the cut off I've give birth and lost a baby at an earlier gestation 6 year ago. I'm trying to pretend it didn't happen, it's hard my body is ruined after the subsequent illness and feels like a constant reminder. My period still hasn't come back. I'm still fatigued and dizzy.

I still can't face telling DH or anyone for that matter I'm pro choice as you can get but I never thought I'd have to go through this I had the implant in I wasn't irresponsible.

Do you ever get over something like this on your own? I don't want counselling or to talk to anyone in RL I just want to process it and cope myself but I'm struggling.

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