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Has my medical abortion failed?

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Ellekh · 21/11/2019 11:36

Firstly I don't need judging, just some support and advice. I had a medical abortion this week at 5w4d. I had the first pill on Tuesday. The following day, yesterday, at 5:30pm I inserted the second lot of pills, 4 of them, inside me. After 4 hours I went to the toilet and only had the tiniest bit of blood when I wiped so I inserted the remaining 2 tablet. After a couple of hours I had mild pains, not much more than period pains, I didn't use pain relief as it wasn't bad enough. I wasn't bleeding when sitting down, only when I would go to the toilet. I went to the toilet and lost some blood and small clots, nothing to what I would expect. I didn't look at the clots but I'm unsure that I actually passed the pregnancy. I went to bed shortly after with mild period type pains. I did not bleed overnight, only when I went to the toilet. This morning I have a very slight ache and still not really bleeding apart from when I go to the toilet. Does anyone know if this is normal? Or does it sound like a failed abortion? I should add that I had one years ago and that one was quick, painful, lots of bleeding and clots and i passed the sac and it was very obvious. I also had a miscarriage last year which caused more bleeding and tissue loss than this!

OP posts:
Squiff70 · 21/11/2019 11:48

How many weeks pregnant were you? You probably need to seek medical advice on this.

PotteringAlong · 21/11/2019 11:49

Can you call the clinic?

Catlover10 · 21/11/2019 11:59

I have had one abortion before (medical) and honestly don’t think I’ve been in more pain in my life before. I was sweating from the pain and feinted and couldn’t move off the floor hours. I also bled for 2 weeks like a heavy period. Maybe, for want of a better word, you just “got lucky”? Sounds like you definitely need to call the pregnancy unit to check with them though as I’ve heard they are generally always worse than what you experienced.

Ellekh · 21/11/2019 12:05

I was 5 weeks and 4 days on Tuesday. I was told to phone if there was no bleeding within 24 hours. Maybe I should phone anyway, I've just been doing a bit of cleaning around the house this morning and still not bleeding except when I go to the toilet and even then it's no more than a normal period. I'm just so worried that I'm going to have to wait 2 weeks to do the pregnancy test they gave me only to find out that I'm still pregnant.

OP posts:
Ellekh · 21/11/2019 12:12

I should probably have said, when I did get a bit of pain bleeding and clots last night, I was also having heart palpitations, sweats/chills, shaking, panicky, light headed and numbness over my body. I put this down to being very anxious. The pain and bleeding itself is what's concerning me, or the lack of, I should say!

OP posts:
NotMaryWhitehouse · 21/11/2019 15:13

I had an abortion several years ago which was very painful, totally out of it, sweating, contractions, the lot. Then bled lightly for about ten days.

I sadly had to take tablets to induce a missed miscarriage on Tuesday this week, have passed some clots, and am bleeding like a (light) normal period, but have really not had any pain to speak of, except for some cramps on the day.

I think my point is that it is likely to be different in different situations. I think if you were concerned, you should call the EPAU for advice or reassurance.

Take care of yourself.

Jimjam1985 · 13/03/2021 17:35

I am just wondering the outcome to this as this is the exact thing that’s just happened to me. Would be great if you could update me would appreciate it so much. X

sleighton88 · 21/08/2021 21:40

@Jimjam1985 how did yours go? I’m also in the same boat! 8 hours in and not much is happening other than cramping? X

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