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Pregnancy choices

Morning after pill failure?

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jademp12 · 30/09/2019 07:25

Hi ladies, so I'm really
Panicking I had unprotected sex on my most fertile day literally my ovulation calculation said that was my most fertile
Day of the cycle. So the next morning I went to get the "ella one" morning after pill. I took the pill less than 24houts after the incident. But, I've been reading that if ovulation has already occurred then the pill won't work. I'm confused! Does anyone know? help xx

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unamullian · 30/09/2019 10:02

I'm afraid that's true :( in my case anyway! I took the MAP after a day before I was due to ovulate (I checked the Glow app that I use) and it never worked! I was given Levonorgestrel though. Ella-One might be more effective. Hoping it works for you xx

GrandmaSharksDentures · 30/09/2019 10:07

Yes, if you have already ovulated then then MAP is not likely to be reliable. You will need a coil inserted up to 5 days after the unprotected sex

jademp12 · 30/09/2019 11:27

Oh god I'm gonna panic so much for the next two weeks should I make an app with my doc or Will there be nothing they can do now? Sadxx

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unamullian · 30/09/2019 12:32

@jademp12 if you get the coil inserted within 5 days after sex, I believe that is 99% effective?

r101 · 01/10/2019 19:10

I took the morning after pill literally less that 10 hours after unprotected sex and I was pregnant! Now I have a 1 year old... not ideal at the time. Couldn't be happier now but deffo get on some stronger contraception if your worries about getting pregnant x

jademp12 · 05/10/2019 15:14

Thanks everyone I got the Coil! I'm due on next week and I'm hoping that it has worked.

OP posts:
Confusion77 · 06/10/2019 03:14

I had no idea about the coil. Too late for me now.

I also recently took the MAP, after reading up and finding that it stops ovulation, I just knew it wouldn't work.

SummerBreezeAutumnLeaves · 06/11/2019 15:54

Did everything go OK for you?

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