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Pregnancy choices

Can’t sleep but positive abortion experience

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targaryen1 · 17/08/2019 01:11

Hi everybody I cannot sleep a wink so I thought I’d share my surgical abortion story to hopefully help anybody in a similar situation.

I was 8 weeks pregnant yesterday and had a surgical abortion scheduled. I have extreme anxiety and was so concerned about getting sick from the general anaesthesia. I have an 8 month old son, I left the relationship with his father 4 months ago as it was abusive. Best decision, aside from an upcoming court case in October I have been very happy. I met somebody new who is the loveliest kindest person I’ve ever been with. I stopped breastfeeding 2 months ago and fell pregnant. I was absolutely devastated. I was just not ready being a young mum already, not having my finances and home sorted yet etc. I’ve spent the past three weeks curled up on the sofa feeling awful and even struggling to do things with my son (the joys of pregnancy!). As hard as the decision was, it wouldn’t be fair on anybody to continue this pregnancy.

So I arrived at hospital 11 yesterday morning, had my bloods taken and was escorted to a ward. I was given stockings and a gown, and met my anaesthetist and nurse. They assured me I’d be given strong anti sickness and pain relief during the procedure to hopefully have a comfortable waking. I’d changed and finally met the doctor carrying out my surgery. She popped a small dose of medicine into me to soften my cervix and an antibiotic in my bottom (so fun). I had no bad side effects. Although I was starving as I hadn’t eaten since the night before.
After a short wait, I was wheeled to the theatre, in which everybody made me feel welcome. I was asked about my son, administered a cannula in my arm to get the anaesthesia. I cried at this point but was offered tissues and comfort. I was spoken to until I had an oxygen mask and that is all I remember.

I woke up pain free, a little dizzy in the recovery unit. I was soon whisked back to the ward and offered coffee and some toast. Best toast I’d ever eaten I was starving! I’ve had very little pain, no trouble eating and I already feel back to normal.

I just wanted to share my experience and to let people know, sometimes pregnancy isnt ideal for yourself, your children or your current situation. It’s a hard decision and it really breaks your heart, but knowing it’s not fair on your potential child makes you a good person for being realistic and practical. My experience was as comfortable as it possibly could of been, and I urge anybody who has anxiety/is worried about a medical termination, to look into surgical.

Thoughts are with anybody in this situation, trust your gut and remember your decision is your own and whatever you chose it does not reflect badly on you, If anything the opposite! X

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