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Pregnancy choices

Had a surgical abortion

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Flowerteapot · 30/07/2019 19:20

I’ve had a surgical abortion today . The treatment itself was fine I had a bad reaction to the conscious sedation when coming round . BP and pulse dropped low but I was fine in the end . feeling groggy tonight and bad cramps minimal bleeding . However I also feel just hot flushes and shaky just generally poorly , did anyone else feel like this after an abortion ? .. do I just need to rest ? I feel I’ve had so many medications in me today it’s not a shock I don’t really feel here but feel like I’m having hot flushes and just genuinely ill. Could it be the hormones dropping or just because I’m so drained I just need to sleep it off . Thanks any experiences will help

OP posts:
Anonforme · 31/07/2019 06:51

Sorry I don't have any experience but just wanted to say well done OP and feel better soon. I've had sedation before and its often forgetting to breath that drops your HR, look out for signs of infection with your fevery symptoms, hopefully they'll disappear today.

brownbeauty · 31/07/2019 17:09

Hope you are feeling better today
I had a S T 4 months ago
You will feel drained and unwell for a couple of days as the pregnancy hormones leave your body
I hope you were given the antibiotics and you took them at bedtime
In a day or two you will feel refreshed and light
Much love

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