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Surgical abortion 8 weeks

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Flowerteapot · 29/07/2019 02:10

Hi all
I’m just wondering, does anyone have any experience of this surgical under conscious sedation what exactly happens will I even remember it ? I’m hoping my friend can come in with me as I’m genuinely petrified . What’s the bleeding like after ? And how are the hormones after wards ??

I’m 8 weeks pregnant now will be having surgical abortion under sedation at 8+2 . Sort of 99% about my decision I’m sure I don’t want a baby but I have anxiety and I’m panicking about having this procedure and about if I regret it after. My minds telling me don’t be so silly , I don’t want another child yet im not in a position and the father is not around so it’s the best choice for me and my child right now ! I’m concerned when my hormones drop I’m going to just go crazy crying and being down but I know full well I will feel relieved however , what if the hormones make me so sad that I tell myself I’m regretting this and affects me looking after my child . I’m worried am I going to loose a lot of blood is my iron going to get low , but i thought you loose less during this procedure than medical

I’m genuinely so scared and just hoping for anyone to tell me any info they can I’d appreciate it all . Everything bad is just going through my mind when I know it’s probably not going to happen I’m just panicking because it’s something new and something I’d never think I’d have to go through . It’s not at all the aborting the pregnancy I’m scared about it’s the abortion in general and how it’s going to impact me .

Thank you so much. X

OP posts:
LittleMermaid1 · 29/07/2019 14:54

Hi OP. Sorry for your situation, I know it is so hard and stressful 💐 I had a medical abortion so cant answer all your questions, I think the bleeding after is less for surgical though.

In terms of how you'll feel after, I think it varies a lot. Some women are relieved, or sad, confused, feel fine, or feel a mixture of emotions! Whether or not you'll regret it I think only you can know as it's so individual.

Like you I have two existing dc and the man I was pregnant with didnt want the pregnancy and made it very hard for me to continue. I did feel a mixture of emotions after the abortion, but as time has gone on I've found it harder to deal with, physically I feel fine now (a couple of months after) but emotionally I struggle sometimes. I've found that focussing on going to work and looking after my dc has helped, it's the quiet times when I'm alone with my thoughts that I struggle.

Equally I know that lots of women move on quite easily from an abortion, which is great.

I hope it works out for you Flowers

Anonforme · 31/07/2019 06:38

Hi OP I have opted for a medical at 8 weeks but I have had conscious sedation a couple of times for dental work privately and its brilliant stuff. You won't remember a thing. I just remember the nurse putting the drip in and I kept saying nothings happening and she said yes it is, she was right I don't remember anything at all, it is kind of like a memory drug. You will be a little groggy afterwards and will want to sleep for a few hours

MustardScreams · 31/07/2019 06:46

Hi op. Sorry you’re going though this.

I had a surgical abortion at 8 weeks. It was an outpatient procedure. I chose the early slot so I could be out that afternoon. No one was allowed with me, although not sure if that’s the norm everywhere.

I had to fast for 12 hours prior I think. And then only clear fluids on the day and no water for a few hours beforehand.

Once into the beds I had my pre-op meeting and given some tablets. Painkillers and pre-op meds. Changed into a gown and waited for a couple of hours for my turn. They then wheeled me into theatre and put me under. I woke up in recovery. I was cold so they gave me some extra blankets. Then back to the ward bit and I had tea and toast and stayed there for an hour while they checked my vitals etc. Then I went home.

I had minimal bleeding/pain afterwards. I had to take antibiotics just as a precaution. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be. It obviously wasn’t pleasant, but it wasn’t traumatic or anything like that. Everyone was so kind, no judgments.

Sending you best wishes, I hope it is smooth and easy for you. Look after yourself.

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