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Pregnancy choices

Second child

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Misskg1982 · 09/06/2019 21:12

So our DD is almost 2 and a half and ever since we had her I have wanted another. A couple of months ago my other half dropped the bomb shell that he doesn't want anymore children. As you can imagine I was heart broken but I sat and listened to what he had to say. It turns out that his more concerned with dropping down the ranks in terms of time with me (he did first give me the it's money, space, our ages but turns out he wants me time, which I totally understand).
Now I'm not on here wanting advice on how do i change his mind as I don't honestly believe I can. But how did any of you ladies deal with this and move on? I constantly think about having another baby. I feel like I'm being different towards him at the minute because I feel my life plans have changed because of him(which isn't fair to blame but I just feel that right now) will I get over this...?

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