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Pregnancy choices

Tfmr at 23 weeks

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Apollos1 · 20/04/2019 12:12

Hi all, I’m having to go through a termination due to medical reasons and I’m going through BPAS. I’ve been reading about complications etc...and it says severe bleeding complications is a common problem as well as other scary things, such as damage to your uterus, bowel area...I’m terrified to go through this, never mind the sadness I’ll face. I’m just wondering if anyone has gone through a surgical termination this late and if they were told about these complications too and how they recovered?
Thanks x

OP posts:
MakeLemonade · 20/04/2019 12:28

I’m sorry you’re going through this, life is very unfair sometimes.

I had a surgical termination due to a fetal abnormality at 21 weeks last year, also through BPAS, the clinic in SW London.

They have to list all of the potential complications but they told me it was incredibly unusual to suffer severe bleeding. Statistically, a termination, even at this stage is safer than giving birth which helps put it in perspective.

The whole process was incredibly traumatic but physically I felt fine pretty much straight after the surgery. I had light bleeding for a few weeks and was back at the gym (gently exercising) a couple of weeks later.

Prepare for your milk coming in, they told me that it was unusual (although I now know it’s pretty common) and they don’t offer any medication to help. I took Sudafed, used cold compresses, ibuprofen and sage capsules. I don’t know for sure if it helped but it felt like it took the edge off.

I’d highly recommend the ARC Helpline and forum if you need someone to talk to.

Apollos1 · 20/04/2019 15:17

Thank you so much for messaging me.
Were you ok with the general anethestic as well? How long did you have to stay until they let you go home?
I just keep thinking of the worst possible scenario...x

OP posts:
MakeLemonade · 20/04/2019 20:58

Yes the GA was fine, to be honest by that point I was looking forward to the nothingness. They do the TFMRs first on the morning schedule, I was home a few hours after waking up. You’ll be ok, they are real experts, it’s a fairly straightforward procedure and you’re in the best hands. I hope it goes as well as can be expected for you.

Apollos1 · 21/04/2019 08:50

How long did it take for your body to go back to its normal shape? I can imagine it’s horrible losing a baby but then still looking pregnant 😢

OP posts:
MakeLemonade · 21/04/2019 13:13

It went back pretty quickly but I had lost weight during pregnancy and then was very off my food. I was back to normal a few days later and lost another stone in the month that followed.

Apollos1 · 21/04/2019 13:24

I’m normally a size 6/8 and have put hardly any weight on, but my stomach has changed shape/size lately. Hopefully I’ll go back to my old shape quickly like you did.

OP posts:
getoutofyourownway · 22/04/2019 15:52

I'll send you a DM 💐

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