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Pregnancy choices

IVF for second

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1mumlife · 22/07/2018 21:07

Im new to this - sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong thread!

We have a beautiful daughter (naturally conceived) but am aching for her to have a sibling. Been trying a while now and feeling the pressure of time ticking on - we are both 40+

I'm so confused about the different IVF clinics. So much of the info on google seems outdated.

Has anyone got any views on London clinics. Read some stuff about ARGC (though dated) seems v successful but a bit clinical...but to be honest I am not too worried about that as would be just more than delighted if we could get a good result.

Really appreciate any experiences that could help make a choice of clinic. (Probably not really needed to say but we will be self-funding this). Thanks alot

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Babytales137 · 23/07/2018 11:48

Hi. I understand the ticking time factor. I’m single and just turned 40. I started my IVF journey 3 months ago but have not had success. I went to the Lister. But it was between this and the ARGC but they have a waiting time of up to a month to see someone and I live abroad.

I have heard and seen success with each one of these clinics.

I have to tell you that it will be clinical wherever you go. This is a business. They run it efficiently and you do get the impression that you are in a production plant. But if it helps you achieve your goal who cares. You get on with it.

You have to go in everyday or every second day sometimes - so chose somewhere that you find convenient also. Of the two.

These are the two choices still for me. As I had no success and two miscarriages I am biased at the moment and being a negative cow. But keep your eyes on the prize. Forget the meat market feel and get on with your mission. 🙏 I pray for you.

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