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Pregnancy choices

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Topaz89 · 07/01/2018 09:23

I spoke to Marie Stopes this morning about getting my scan photo. They said I am allowed to have it if I want it. I didn't want to see the scan when I had it done as I thought it would make me change my mind seeing it, and I so wish I had now for that reason. Now it's the only memory of my baby and I'm in two minds about whether to go and get it.
I will cry when I see it there is no doubt about it, but I think it will also bring me some comfort at times.

OP posts:
CheapSausagesAndSpam · 07/01/2018 09:43

OP I hoestly can't see any use in getting it. It's going to make you sad Flowers

Topaz89 · 07/01/2018 10:17

You're probably right. I just want to see it even if it does make me sad. I feel like it's something I have to do and I don't know why.

OP posts:
QueenAmongstMen · 07/01/2018 21:25

Honestly OP, I wouldn't do it.

Your post implies you regret the termination and seeing a scan of the foetus really won't help matters Sad

Rainbowmother · 07/01/2018 21:27

Can you bring an envelope and ask them to put it in and seal it. You can open as and when

Bubblegum89 · 08/01/2018 19:00

I’m going to go against the other posters here. I deeply regretted my termination as you know. A year later it was still badly affecting me and I decided to ask BPAS if I could have a copy of my scan pictures which they agreed to. When I received them, something changed in me and I felt strangely better. Not over it but for me, it was a kind of closure. And now I have those photos forever. They’re not the best but for me they really did help me through the grieving process. That’s not to say it would work for everyone, but it did for me personally

Nurse1224 · 07/04/2019 22:38

Did you ring for your picture to be posted? I’m in the same situation currently and feel that I need to see mine for closure...

sharonJJ25 · 24/10/2019 02:16

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