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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Booked In for an abortion. Help!

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Leigh67890 · 09/06/2017 12:58

I'm booked in for my consultation and abortion on Tuesday the 13th and I still don't know if this is what I want?

How am I going to know if I'm doing the right thing?
I don't know what to do. I'm so mixed up about it and I'm driving myself insane.

This will sum up everything;
Mother of two 6 and 10month.
Just broke up with partner (youngest dad)
Been doing everything on my own since baby been born.
Relationship has been breaking down for a while.
Not working atm, lost job while pregnant.
And adding another baby to the mix?!?

I don't know. I'm so torn.

OP posts:
Hemlock2013 · 09/06/2017 13:04

Wow, what a horrible situation.

I'm in similar situation myself, accidental 3rd pregnancy which I'm not in a position to have. I'm booked in tomorrow.

Whilst it's hard, and I'm wobbling, because I thought I'd be able to have a third, it's the right thing for me. Only you know if it's the right decision for you.

The way I'm thinking is that if I were to carry on regardless, it's my older two that would suffer. So on that basis it feels an easy decision to make.

Are you in a position to have the baby? Or are you having an understandable wobble?


Leigh67890 · 10/06/2017 07:37

That's exactly what I'm thinking, I just keep thinking to myself that if I keep this baby, my children would still have everything they need, but I wouldn't be able to get those things that they want, I wouldn't be able to treat them as often, do things with them as often, my daughter is still so young, so is she going to get all the attention she needs. I don't want to live my life and bring up my two children having the bare minimum.
The father isn't much help, physically, emotionally and financially, I feel since having my daughter that he isn't the father type, although he'd love more kids, but love and do everything in your power to be a good dad to the one you already have.

I feel as though I'm in a battle with my heart and head. I know what's the best option, but I'm finding is hard not to sway away from the decision.

I wish you the best of luck x

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