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Retained Placenta- will it happen again~>?

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samanthad3255 · 08/01/2017 15:02

Hey everyone!

I am planning pregnancy for my second child however I am completely traumatized and in fear that I may get a retained placenta again?

The first time around I was at a birthing center and I had a good labour. However my contractions stopped when I was fully Dilated and pushed without them until my Son arrived, I was then taken to hospital to have the placenta removed and lost a lot of blood.

I am sure my contractions stopping contributed to my placenta not following suit, however I have 3 generations of this in my family, all happening on their last child not first!
After searching the internet I still can't find a clear answer on why or if it will happen again!
So I just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience and would like to share their story and views about retained placenta's!?

sam xxxx

OP posts:
MrsNutella · 19/01/2017 10:14

Have you spoken to your midwife about it op? The best I can is say is please try not to cause yourself extra stress worrying. Hopefully your birth team will be aware of your history and you can be carefully checked over when the time comes.

Perhaps write it into a birth plan so that they are aware and maybe you can communicate your worries about it?

With my first I was briefly catheterised in labour without my consent or even being informed. While I didn't entirely mind I didn't appreciate being treated like that and so I wrote it into the birth plan for my second that I wanted them to seek my consent for that or anything similar. It was reassuring for me because the birth plan seems to be something they read - even briefly - when you arrive and often talk to you about.

Aston1 · 12/02/2017 03:04

I've had 2 retained placentas my last one 2015 was so morbidly stuck as the doctor and consultant put it that they have warned me not to have anymore babies. If I do it will most certainly happen again then they would remove everything (my womb) I lost around 4 pints or 4 liters of blood which ever it was please forgive me im not to sure but I had to have blood transfusion I did however recover well held baby bonded and breastfed with in hours of coming out of surgery and went home the next day. I so badly want another baby, this would be my fourth child which is why they said they would remove everything next time as I have had so many but surely this isn't right and I don't think I've read anyone else being told this. I have an 18 and 15 year old who live with there dad and a 16 month old who lives with me and new partner so I would like another for my 16 month old I didn't have a retained placenta with my first baby although he was 2 months early. Any advice thanks xx

abbsisspartacus · 12/02/2017 03:25

Did they give you a drip to try and restart your contractions? I've had this happen twice out of three times both times I had the drip

Aston1 · 12/02/2017 11:41

I don't think so I was induced with my last though as waters broke but didn't dilate. He got stuck they had to cut me and pull him out with the cone thing That was horrible i had 2 natural births before. midwife and GP have both said I could have a c section if I really want to have another but would prefer to get birth naturally.

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