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Pregnancy choices

Medication during pregnancy??

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AsthmaAndAutism · 16/07/2016 12:24

Hi all, just wondering if anybody has been in a similar situation to myself, and has found they're having to take a lot of pills during late pregnancy??

I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant, and for 15 weeks I've been on 30mg dose of Cocodamol, 2 tablets, twice or three times daily, depending on the pain of my SPD (it's been absolutely horrendous)

Last week I was admitted to hospital with severe dehydration from vomiting. It took 4 IV bags to get my levels anywhere near normal. Apparently I had a water infection and severe acid in my stomach (from lack of gallbladder Sad)
I got sent home with so many pills to take!
I'm currently on an antibiotic three times a day, two different types of anti-sickness three times a day, Omeprazole (for acid) twice a day, Buscopan three times a day, and also my Cocodamol!
This is adding up to 16ish pills in 24hrs, and I'm so so worried about the effects on my baby Sad

I tried to cut down and only take my antibiotics and Buscopan, but within a few hours I was back to vomiting again! Even taking all these tablets I can barely manage to eat, I'm so worried about how I'll manage labour, I've hardly got enough energy to climb the stairs!

Anybody with any reassurance or advice would be greatly appreciated Flowers

(I'll add that I'm actually getting induced at 37 weeks as my SPD is so severe, so I only have 18 more days till baby is here)

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