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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Might be pregnant

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OddSocksHighHeels · 07/12/2015 18:47

Ant there's no choice. I will terminate if I am. It was reading another thread that made me think of dates and I think I'm late but I came off the pill before my last period. I'll test tomorrow but I'm almost certain that I am pregnant. It will be my second termination if I am and I don't feel good about that but I can't say why.

For clarification, if needed, DD was the result of a pill failure and second pregnancy was split condom plus MAP. I seem to be stupidly fertile.

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GiddyGiddyGoat · 07/12/2015 22:43

Best of luck op. Test first then decide how you feel / what you want to do?

MummySparkle · 07/12/2015 22:45

Oh oddsocks I've read some of your threads for, but not for a while so I'm not sure what your current situation is. Thinking of you x

OddSocksHighHeels · 08/12/2015 02:38

Oh I'll definitely terminate if I am pregnant. I'm not in a position to have a baby at all. I'll test in the morning anyway and hopefully I won't be pregnant, I don't have any symptoms.

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OddSocksHighHeels · 09/12/2015 10:03

Tested yesterday and it was negative. I got my period this morning and have never been so happy to be on my period before Grin

Thank you for your responses Flowers

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MummySparkle · 09/12/2015 20:54

Grin Phew! I'm glad you got the outcome you wanted socks. I know it would have put you in a difficult situation.

Flowers for all of the worry it must've caused you over the last few days x

OddSocksHighHeels · 09/12/2015 21:42

Thank you! Back to normal(ish) for now Smile

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