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Pregnancy choices

Post-medical termination experiences

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pl8828 · 30/03/2015 14:09

Hi, Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I had the second part of a medical termination on Thursday and all went fine, much less painful than expected. However today is my first day back at work and I'm feeling pretty ropey; shaky, a little faint/light-headed, my heart rate speeds up really easily and I just have a general 'low blood sugar' feel, if that makes sense.

I'm still bleeding quite a lot so I'd like to think that these symptoms are to be expected given what my body is going through and that I should just take it as easy as possible until I'm feeling better, but the hypochondriac in my head is nagging at me.

Is there anybody here who has been through this and can let me know whether they felt anything like this for a while after taking the pills? I do have a mobile number for the nurses at my clinic but I don't want to phone unless this definitely isn't normal, as I'll be taking time away from people who really need it.

Many thanks.

OP posts:
VenusRising · 30/03/2015 14:15

I'm sorry you're going through this pl8828, and I think you should phone the nurses at your clinic who are there to help you.

Be kind to yourself.

YoSaffBridge · 30/03/2015 14:18

I remember feeling distinctly rough for a week or so afterwards. Partly it was blood loss, partly it was shock, and partly it was the massive dose of antibiotics they give you, which didn't agree with me at all.

However if you feel like your heart is racing at moments I would call the nurses, or see if you can get a GP appointment if yours does emergency appointments. Hopefully it is something like bleeding more heavily than you are used to, but I would recommend getting it checked out.

pl8828 · 30/03/2015 17:08

Hi, thanks both of you - of course you're right and I might as well speak to a nurse, I've left a voicemail for them to call me back. I really hate bothering medical people but I've got to get over that...

I forgot about the antibiotics, that could definitely be a part of it. Thanks again, heading home now and straight to bed :)

OP posts:
YoSaffBridge · 30/03/2015 17:13

I felt ok the first day afterwards. I even told my mum to go back home (she had stayed to help manage out 2yo). I had to call her back the next day because the antibiotics made me feel so insanely ill Blush

Hope you feel a bit better soon. You've had a medical procedure, never feel bad for asking people if everything is ok.

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