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Strep B - can I just ask my Midwife for a test?

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Neen99 · 17/07/2003 01:25

Have read on Mumsnet e-mail worrying things about Strep B infection, and it recommends to ask for a test. Apparently the best time is between 35 and 37 weeks - I am 35 +3 weeks.
Has anyone else asked their Midwife for the test? It hasn't ever been mentioned to me at my hospital or Midwife appointments, and I'm a bit scared they'll think I'm being paranoid and just dismiss it, saying they don't routinely do it.

OP posts:
butterflymum · 17/07/2003 08:48

Please do not unduly worry yourself.

Yes, whilst some of the posts on the Strep B thread are sad or tell of problems, the intention is not to panic or worry people.

Rather, the intention is to raise awareness of the various issues so that people are better informed, can avail themselves of informative literature on Strep B and know about testing/treatment available. It is also hoped to raise awareness among the medical professions.

As with any concerns you may have during your pregnancy, talk these over with your GP and/or midwife. If you are still not sure, contact the GBSS support group.

NHS testing is not routinely offered. Private testing is available at a cost of about £18 plus any doctors own charge.

Again, please, please do not worry about this. Voice any concerns and find out the best course of action for you (test or not).

Take care and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Hope it all goes well for you.

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