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can you use these when pregnant?

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hornyandpregnant · 14/08/2005 14:19

A little embarassing but I need to know. When you are pregnant can you use a vibrator? I know that we are not supposed to use foot spas or have massages etc. but obviously as few people talk about it I have no idea if I can still use my vibrator with my partner.

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 14/08/2005 14:23

Ermmm I am not to sure if you could. Maybe someone else will know Although am that you still feel like having sex while pregnant never mind adding in

vickiyumyum · 14/08/2005 14:42

i would have thought so, same as having sex (kind of). i think a lot of it has to do with having orgasms near your due date, some people can think that they are going into prem labour if its a long one iyswim!!!

PrettyCandles · 14/08/2005 15:01

The foot spas are because the risk of getting a bloodclot is higher during pregnancy, and the vibrations of the spa might make a clot break off and cause a stroke. As for massage, I was massaged throughout my first pg by a qualified massage therapist (and experienced nurse) who told me that massage was absolutely fine as long as the masseur knew about the pg and worked appropriately. I should think a vibrator would be absolutely fine - I read about a woman who used hers for pr during labour!

hunkermunker · 14/08/2005 15:02

LOL! Just worked out that pr is pain relief - thought you meant it in the sense of publicity!

vickiyumyum · 14/08/2005 15:02
  • pretty candles. i'm assuming she didn't take it into the labour ward!
bonkerz · 14/08/2005 15:03

i did when pregnant with ds, havent this time as have had small bleeds. Just be carful etc etc etc

PrettyCandles · 14/08/2005 15:08

Oh, I don't know - after all, don't we always say that we don't give a damn who sees what after we've been in labour for a while!

Rachey1969 · 14/08/2005 15:15

I don't see why not if penetrative sex ok. Imagine that for a birth plan: a bottle of red, dp and a rampant rabbit... we could be on to something here!

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