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2nd Pregnancy weight gain

18 replies

Fonzie · 10/08/2005 13:35

Just wondered if anybody has experienced similar to me. With DS1, the midwife was forever on at me about not putting on enough weight. This time however, after just having been to midwife this morning, I've put on 5kg in 6 weeks. Is there an average weight gain or is it the usual everybody's different scenario? It would be good to know as otherwise I think I'll pop before I reach week 20! I am 16 weeks tomorrow.
Any advice/similar experiences would be very reassuring.

OP posts:
sweetheart · 10/08/2005 15:08

Hi fonzie, congrats on your pregnancy.

With my dd I hardly put on any weight at all. I don't think I was even showing untill well past the 6 month stage.

I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant and I was looking at piccies of me 9 months pregnant last night with dd. I am as big now (if not bigger) than I was at full term with her!!!!!

I think the average weight gain is as follows:-

1/2 Ib per week for the first 20 weeks then
1 Ib per week for the second 20 weeks making a total average weight gain of
30 Ibs

I'm 23 weeks at the moment and have gained 14Ibs so I'm a little bit over - I'm really hoping I don't put on another 17Ibs!!!!!

handlemecarefully · 10/08/2005 15:37

I put on tonnes the first time (managed to loose it after) and tonnes the second time (and, ahem...still have to loose some)

stacijc · 10/08/2005 15:40

i was all bump with ds1, lost it very quickly but i put on 3 stone with ds2 IT WON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!

oliveoil · 10/08/2005 15:41

3 stone each time (babies were 9lb plus) and lost it both times.

handlemecarefully · 10/08/2005 15:48

grrr at oliveoil!

PiccadillyCircus · 10/08/2005 15:49

With DS I put on 4.5 stone in total.

With this one (nearly 35 weeks) I have put on about 3 stone so far.

PiccadillyCircus · 10/08/2005 15:50

And I weighed less before getting pregnant with this one than I did before getting pregnant with DS .

oliveoil · 10/08/2005 15:50

Sorry! My mum was the same but she ballooned when she hit 40 so I have 5 years to be smug.


handlemecarefully · 10/08/2005 15:51

grrrr at PiccadillyCircus

oliveoil · 10/08/2005 15:52

I weigh less now than I did before both pregnancies as well.

handlemecarefully · 10/08/2005 15:52

My mum gained weight from 35 onwards...and weirdly, I was 35 when I had ds and now fat seems to be attracted to me like a magnet!

PiccadillyCircus · 10/08/2005 15:52

Sorry. But don't know what will happen after this one (hope I have my mum's genes - she is definitely a mini-mum )

handlemecarefully · 10/08/2005 15:53

double, triple and quadruple grrr

smoke coming out of ears!

stacijc · 10/08/2005 16:10

i was mini (size 6) b4 ds1 went back to an 8/10 now am a wobbly 12 if i breathe in

handlemecarefully · 10/08/2005 16:21

Oh well at size 12 stacijc you are clearly a lard arse!


stacijc · 10/08/2005 19:38


i know but bigger than i was and history of eating probs so hard going at times

eidsvold · 11/08/2005 22:59

in total with no2 I put on 10kg. Baby weighed 4.28 kg.

eidsvold · 11/08/2005 23:01

I think everyone is different - I put on hardly any weight with dd1 and she was tiny.... 2.74 kg. Now like Olive I am smaller than I was before I had the two babes.... but still have a lot of weight to lose.

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