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AlmostAnAngel · 05/08/2005 13:41

call me dumb......i think i maybe but not life is so hectic at o and the dumb blonde that i am i dont write my date sin my diary 14 year old and i normally have our period at the same time,and shes finished hers this month..last motnth neither of us had a period......bugger writing this down makes this more obvious to me..ekkk were def not trying.but also do take silly risks iykwim...we are flying to oz in tendays im too frightened to do a test help!!

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AlmostAnAngel · 05/08/2005 14:26

ok will do today ..i will not post agin till i know one way or the other...

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AlmostAnAngel · 05/08/2005 14:27

sorry only this one answer dont know ! will let you know that later too

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Charlee · 05/08/2005 14:28

ok erm good luck????

lucy5 · 05/08/2005 17:47

Have you been shopping yet aaa?

bonkerz · 06/08/2005 08:59

aaa???????? ANY NEWS????????

Charlee · 06/08/2005 09:00

AAA have you dont it????? wake up and tell us!!!!!!

spangles · 06/08/2005 09:43

Just joined the thread... Any news yet

bonkerz · 06/08/2005 10:18

suspense is killing me aaa!!!

Distel · 06/08/2005 10:46

Just put us out of our misery aaa.

mumtosomeone · 06/08/2005 11:16

hope you didnt pee on the bread stick by mistake!!!

AlmostAnAngel · 06/08/2005 13:14
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AlmostAnAngel · 06/08/2005 13:14


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Nemo1977 · 06/08/2005 13:14


AlmostAnAngel · 06/08/2005 13:15

will try again in few days tho if no ,,period

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AlmostAnAngel · 06/08/2005 13:18

went into supermarket brought loadsa stuff for picnic last night and the pg test [which was in a box with a lock on it like videos] went to checkout of the only woman i knew doesnt know me ,,she held the test and said awwww is that for you? you will have to come in and let me know! wtf!

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 06/08/2005 13:26

pmsl AAA nosey woman..must have been a quiet shift..wonder what she would have said if u had been 14 buying it

AlmostAnAngel · 06/08/2005 13:32

lol was with dh was holding onto him ,,like its alright im with him lol ,,,crap thing is by the time i brought it home i was getting used to the idea and was very deflated..when neg,,,

OP posts:
Nemo1977 · 06/08/2005 13:34

aaa you dont know it may jus tbe too early, but if not maybe its got your head sorted about trying for another?

AlmostAnAngel · 06/08/2005 13:38

really wasnt thinking of having another one .our youngest is 8 and we have three wonderful if i was/am then would be very happy but would def not plan for another iyswim

OP posts:
mumtosomeone · 06/08/2005 14:47

how late are you?

Charlee · 06/08/2005 19:22

aww hun i know what it feels like to get your hopes up, but your still not on, so you never know.

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