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recall of boots hire TENS

2 replies

KMS · 02/07/2003 00:33

had to take my TENS back as they have recalled them. Loose wires apparently. has anyone still got one? Now have to track another down fast. Just wanted to let others know.

OP posts:
butterflymum · 02/07/2003 00:40

I mentioned the recall on this thread


here is an extract of the outcome:

"went on the NCT website and they have links to a and hire a Lady's TENS for £22 for 30 days best price I could find! Lady's TENS gets good reviews on most websites"

hope it is of help.

jessi · 02/07/2003 19:00

KMS I do still have mine as I rang Boots and they said only a couple of machines has ceased being effective because of loose wiring. She assured me that it was just due to the excessive heat in the hospitals that they came loose. I am now overdue and hope to hell that mine will work as its too late now to try and get another one I think!

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