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Is this my Period after D & C following miscarriage?

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coupe · 27/07/2005 18:07


Background before the question...

Had a missed miscarriage. Baby died at 7 and a half weeks and I found out after early scan (due to bleeding) at 9 and a half weeks and had a D&C, this was 1 week ago. Had no bleeding after the procedure and I think I got my period today. It is when I would have been due had I not got pregnant, I have been really constipated and now I'm not ( which is normal for me with my periods) and it was fresh proper period type blood. Am really excited as the hospital said DH and I could start trying again after a period however it is more than light - but then my D&C was only 1 week ago

SO the question is...

Is this my period?
Anyone had a similar experience to shed light?

OP posts:
bubbles2904 · 27/07/2005 18:36

hi,sorry about your recent mc. i have no experience or no idea about the question just wanted to say hello and offer you my support

Nemo1977 · 27/07/2005 18:38

hi hun
it could be AF or it could be a follow on bleed from d+C. I bled straight after then stopped and started again and then Af turned up 2 weeks after 2nd bleed. The only reason they tell u to wait to TTC is due to dating properly.

Redhelen · 27/07/2005 20:59

My periods and ovulation were mixed up for 2 months after my miscarriage (with fresh red blood with each) - so I waited 3 months until I tried to conceive again. 34 weeks pregnant now so worth the wait. Take care Helen xxxx

RedZuleika · 27/07/2005 21:17

All my miscarriages have been 'natural' (for want of a better word) so I can't comment on the D&C thing. However, I would just say that I've had an SHO tell me that one of my miscarriages was my own fault because I got pregnant straight after a previous miscarriage because allegedly there's a higher risk. I've since discovered this is rubbish: Lesley Regan, in her book, disagrees with this, for example. I think it's said for dating purposes and also for your own emotional well-being - although I always felt much better getting back in the saddle as soon as possible. If you are going to try again quite soon, you could try charting (as explained here ) so you know when you ovulate - thus forstalling any difficulties with medical staff later. I've also found that my cycles following a miscarriage are somewhat longer than usual.

Hope you feel ok.

cori · 27/07/2005 21:19

Sorry to hear about Miscarriage,
I think it sounds a bit early to be having an AF really. You couldnt really have been through a whole cycle yet I dont think.

HappyMumof2 · 27/07/2005 22:03

Message withdrawn

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