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Bleeding at 8/9 weeks

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lazyeye · 28/06/2003 16:48

Sorry to ask this as I'm sure it must have been asked before, though I can't find a lot on it.

I'm around 9 weeks and have been bleeding since Weds. Its very light and more brown than red - sometimes it stops for half a day then starts again. I rang my doc when it started as lost a baby at 7 wks (thought they don't seem to count that). I have 2 sons (one only 8mnths). No scan till Weds - am a bit all over the place to say the least.

I know no one can give me an answer, but should I just sit it out or try to get earlier scan.

Ps - I've had very little sickness, and no boob tenderness, not good signs eh??

OP posts:
mears · 28/06/2003 18:35

If you can, sit it out until Wednesday. It is not uncommon to have bleeding at this time in pregnancy. If you got scanned tomorrow, you may continue bleeding and therefore you would not be reassured, even if the scan was good. Perhaps by waiting until Wednesday the bleeding may have stopped by then. I can sympathise because I lost a baby at 7 weeks, and that should be counted. It will add to your anxiety no-end, but try and sit it out. Best wishes, mears.

Rachael17 · 29/06/2003 23:22

heya lazyeye
i had bleeding wen i was about 8 1/2 weeks but unfortunatly i was on the isle of wight on holiday so i cudnt do anything about it. its only my 1st pregnancy but i can understand a little bit about ur worries of a second miscarrige
a close aunty to me had one with her second pregnancy and wen i started to get bleeding i thought i was too. jus try and wait it out it shud clear up soon
and as for the sickness and boobs issue i have only had a little tenderness and i didnt get sick at all but now nearly 19 weeks and everything is ok i guess we shud jus be happy we dont have our heads down the loo all the time
hope everything goes ok
luv rachael xxxxx

Ghosty · 29/06/2003 23:29

Lazyeye ... sorry you are worried ... it is scary isn't it. I think everyone has different symptoms at the early stages so I don't think you should think the lack of sickness etc is a bad thing.
Are you having any cramps with the bleeding? When I had my m/c it wasn't the bleeding so much that was the sign for me ... it was regular cramping in my tummy.
Why do you have to wait until Wednesday for a scan? I know that I couldn't wait that long ... I would need to know ....
Let us know how you get on .... Hugs {{{{{}}}}}

StripyMouse · 30/06/2003 08:41

lazyeye - my heart goes out for you. It is so stressful early pregnancy without the additional worry of early bleeding. I too bled for a few days (I did with first pregnancy too).
As mears says, unfortunately only time and a scan will tell what is happening. My bleeding was mainly old blood too which my doctor seemed to think was a better thing than lots of bright red blood - however, not enough to be conclusive one way or the did make me feel a little bit better as I clung to any potential good news either way. Are you working at the moment or are you at home? With my first pregnancy iw as still teaching and was such a mess waiting for the scan they ended up sending me home!
As for the sickness and no boob tenderness - don?t let that get you down just yet. Not everyone suffers from this and each pregnancy can have different symptoms. With no.1 I had terribly sore boobs but nothing this time - guess they are all saggy and big already!!
Like Ghosty, I am amazed that they are making you wait until Weds to have a scan. My local hospital runs an early pregnancy assessment clinic (EPAC) early every weekday morning. With my first pregnancy it was a walk in clinic - just turned up - but I moved house to another county and this time needed a doctors note - he came to my house on a Sunday eve. to give me it so I would make the clinic on time, bless. If you are in England I would contact NHS direct and ask for your nearest early pregnancy clinic and phone them up directly. You could also try a few hospitals just outside your area to see if they do a drop in clinic - might get you in for tomorrow morning and knock a day off that wait ?
Whatever you do, I hope that the next few days go quickly and that you can have peace of mind very soon. Let us know how you get on. Hugs

lazyeye · 30/06/2003 19:27

Thanks for the msgs. I'm still bleeding but its very slight - I tried my best for an earlier scan but I started to feel like a neurotic woman so shut up in the end. I don't feel very optimistic and very sort of flat.........I think this was my last chance for a girl......but hey,never say never. Thanks again for the msgs. I will post on Weds or so when I hear whats happening.

Its great to have mumsnet at times like these innit??

OP posts:
dino55 · 30/06/2003 20:43

Lazyeye, thinking of you, hope all goes well for you.

AbsoluteBeginner · 01/07/2003 10:08

Totally agree with StripyMouse you should push for earlier scan if waiting is doing your head in. I went at 9 weeks to early preg unit and they were so kind, I wasn't made to feel neurotic in the least. That's what they're there for, to reassure people like you. Don't worry about apparent lack of sickness/boob soreness symptoms. When I was bleeding and waiting for scan I had totally convinced myself it had all gone wrong but my 'instincts' were proved totally wrong - babe was twitching like a good 'un when they got it up on the telly. Good luck.

hewlettsdaughter · 01/07/2003 10:43

lazyeye - can't add much here except good luck tomorrow, hope all goes well.

cupkate · 01/07/2003 11:23

Hi Lazyeye,
I bled in the early weeks with 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies and didn't miscarry at all. In the third pregnancy I bled copious amounts of bright red blood for 4 weeks and still my ds hung on in there! So, stay brave and all the very best for tomorrow.

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