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Has anybody taken phenergon for morning sickness?

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marne · 24/07/2005 13:05

Just did a search on google for morning sickness and one web site said about taking phenergon. I know it can be taken for traval sickness, has anybody tried it for morning sickness?
Ive got some in the cupboard and im tempted to take some as i feel so sick, is it safe?
Shall i, shant i ?

OP posts:
toothyboy · 24/07/2005 13:09

Does it say on it not to take if pregnant? I'd find a pharmacy that's open and ring them and ask - I always find them really helpful. There should be a list of pharmacies open today in your area in the local paper.

marne · 24/07/2005 13:14

It doesnt say you cant take it if your pregnant, will look in the paper to see what pharmacies are open then maybe i can find out.

OP posts:
toothyboy · 24/07/2005 13:17

Let us know how you get on - there's loads of us on the Due March 06 antenatal boad feeling a bit ropey at the mo!!

toothyboy · 24/07/2005 13:22

And just remembered you're there too - sorry, put it down to those damn hormones!!

marne · 24/07/2005 13:29

just did another search on google(no good at doing links so i will just tell you what it said)
Phenegen is an antihistamine which can be used to relieve nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, it says there is no evidence to suggest phenegon can harm pregnancy. It also says it is best taken in tablet form but only for a short term treatment, it also says it may only relieve the nausea and you may still be sick.

OP posts:
marne · 24/07/2005 13:43

Hav'nt got a loccal paper, looks like dh as thrown it out. Anyway thought i would try a spoon full of dd's phenegon, the taste of it almost made me sick ( now i know why the say use the tablets) getting realy want to find somthing that works, feeling sick all day but not being sick, ive tried ginger put doesnt help, has anybody seen those pregi-pops (lolly pops for morning sickness) ?

OP posts:
SofiaAmes · 24/07/2005 14:27

DO NOT take anything like phenergon while pregnant without consulting your doctor. It has a strong sedative (i think codeine) in it.

daisy20 · 26/07/2005 15:11

Where is the due March 06 antenatal boad, I can't find it.


Rachey1969 · 26/07/2005 15:20

I've just put this on another thread: a week ago when I was in agony with a migraine (16 wks preg) I took migraleve at midnight with no-one to ask. When I told the midwife she suggested that I ring NHS direct (24hrs) and ask them - it's the type of thing they are there for. Also, I would always trust a pharmacist over a GP with drugs (whether for myself or a child) they know all the side effects/contraindications etc better than GPs who are a bit rusty in my experience!

BTW I know of someone on here prescribed phenergan whilst pregnant (it's also given to babies/young children as a sedative) but I would be very cautious in the first trimester myself.

Toothache · 26/07/2005 15:21

I was told to use Phenergan to combat morning sickness AND my Hay Fever!!!!!!!!

Toothache · 26/07/2005 15:25

...should add I took it at least once a week through out my whole pregnancy as I have other allergies. I was told it was very safe.

michichu · 01/12/2005 18:23

I've been on phenergon/ promethazine (they are they same thing different names) since my FIRST trimester. I was scared to take it but I was loosing weight FAST through vomiting. Here?s the Dilly

Its Been tested on pregnant rats and showed no problem. But the drug is also used as an antihistamine and those type of drugs are known to cause mortality IN RATS.

If you have had an allergic reaction to Thorazine, Mellaril, Stelazine, or Prolixin DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE!!! Its pretty much the same idea. No reactions to drugs? No worries

" ... should only be used during pregnancy if the potential benefit justifies the risk to the fetus"

Don?t worry about that, if you think about it they are just saving thier asses if something random does happen (not saying that it will). No tests have been done on pregnant humans; come on ... what sane mother would say "hyah lets test drugs on my unborn child" ... mind you I said sane.

I've taken it once a night for over three months now. I had my ultra sound and my integrated tests everything has come out fine. Fear is in every mothers blood, we dont want to hurt our child. But this drug works, and it works well.

Is it addicting?
Phenergon with Codeine IS. Which is different, you'll know your getting it cause it will say "with codeine".

My morning sickness should be over, but my family history shows us women throwing up for a while. I?m getting off the drug as I write this. I?ve been off of it for 4 days now. I admit I?m more sensitive to foods, but Im not loosing weight or throwing up excessively and those were the reasons the drug was given to me. I will let you all know if I have any withdrawal symptoms or if anything funky is found later on. Take care, and your doctor knows what they are doing. So if they prescribed it to you, it was for a reason. Hope this novel helped take care then


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